Men And The Pain of Waxing hair removal

by Parm

One Strip Waxed Back Cartoon

One Strip Waxed Back Cartoon

Men and the Pain of Waxing - WINNING ENTRY in our annual hair removal story giveaway contest.

My friend is good with computers.

As he fixed a beautician client's computer, the beautician could not help noticing how hairy he was.

I mean hairy, like gorilla hairy, like hair coming out of his back over his T shirt.

She offered to wax his back rather than pay him cash for fixing the computer.

Now this friend who is a big, bald, guy agreed, how bad could the pain be!


Anyway he took his top off a little self-conscious about his hairy back and lay down; even the lady was surprised at how thick his hair was,

She trimmed it a little and she tried to make him feel at ease.

Anyway as she put the wax on and the strip, she pulled the first wax strip.

My friend squealed and let out a loud groan and told her to stop.

He could not go through with it.

He had a few blood spots on a single waxed strip and he said pain was too much.

She explained that there was one strip missing of hair on his back and despite her trying to reassure him, he quickly put on his top and made his excuses and went home a little of his masculine pride hurt.

Morale of story: use Affordable laser instead!

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Full Body Wax Gone Wrong !

by Assal Honey Azh

Right so it was summer 2009 and I flew back home to Iran.

Many people may know that woman and men from the middle-east are particularly hairy lol! I have been shaving all my life since I was about 10 (I know it sounds absolutely ridiculous however true).

So a few days left to my trip then I was off to fly to UAE for a sunny week. My friend there booked a woman to come to the house and do me a full body wax, this would have been the second time in my whole life.

Remembering my previous painful and rather gory waxing experience from before this time, I thought it would be a good idea to down a few shots of vodka before the woman arrived to the house.

The woman had arrived around 45 min later and the whole procedure started...

she started from the top first which went all well and quick, I must say she was pretty damn good at her job too.

so here was me dreading the BIKINI area and the time had come... she could sense the frustration and nerves at this point and advised me to relax.

The worst thing was about her was that she wouldn't even let me prepare for the take-off, she would literally just leave me in shock!

So she pulled the strip and my hand rose to the point where I somehow managed to hit the poor lady around her face (whilst swearing) !

She did not finish my wax in the end and to be honest the vodka didn't help either so either way I couldn't take another second of it !!!

Worst experience EVER haha !

Laser is a must !!

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