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Looking for Effective Methods of Pubic Hair Removal?
Here’s Our Manscaping Guide for You!

From sideburns, smooth chests to pubic hair removal, "manscaping" is emerging as a popular trend among men of all ages.

But, even though men are becoming more and more comfortable with the idea of waxing their back or trimming their chest hair,
the topic of what to do with a bushy, out-of-control pubic area is still sensitive, embarrassing, and private.

Methods of Pubic Hair Removal

As pubic hair removal for males has become more common, many salons and clinics have begun catering specifically to men and their needs, offering both discretion and professionalism to make them feel more comfortable about considering longer-lasting hair removal methods such waxing, electrolysis, or laser treatments.

Whether you are wanting "neat and tidy" or a complete removal, many men are saying that a little grooming makes them feel clean, confident, and attractive. Body builders, swimmers, and male models have been doing it for years, but now others are realizing the benefits.

So, if you want to impress your partner, increase your sex appeal, or squeeze yourself into a skimpy Speedo without any scraggly hairs escaping, it may be time to get over your apprehension and consider trying some pubic area manicuring.

Ways of Remove Male Pubic Hair:

- Shaving 
- Trimming
- Depilatories 

- Waxing
- Electrolysis
- Laser

List of Popular Pubic Hair Removal Methods for Men

Colaz Hair Removal Methods for Men

This is the most popular method of male pubic hair removal because it is inexpensive, painless, and private. You will want to use a good quality electric razor since this is probably not the best place to be wielding your 4-blade disposable.

While shaving can be done behind closed doors, it does have its disadvantages. Razor burn, red bumps, and an irritating itch when the hair begins to grow back can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. And, you will need to re-shave the area every few days, making continual maintenance a little inconvenient.

Colaz trimming

Like shaving, trimming is a do-it-yourself solution. It is easy to achieve a trim and tidy look by grooming long hairs and cutting away some of the bulk, but remember that sharp scissors can be a dangerous tool in an unsteady hand. If this is your hair removal method of choice, you may want to invest in an electric or battery-operated trimmer that has beneficial safety features for shaving delicate areas. With this method, you can expect to need a hair cut about every couple of weeks.

Colaz Depilatories

This DIY method of pubic hair removal is often preferred by men who want to avoid the irritation and rash caused by shaving and waxing. These creams are easy but the chemicals can be harsh and irritating when used around the genitals. Some brands may even recommend that the product not be used in sensitive areas.

Colaz Waxing

Waxing rips the hair out from the roots so it is very painful and has to be done over and over again. If this description has you cringing and instinctively covering your groin area, then it probably isn't the best method for you. The hair will take longer to grow back and you won't have all the rough stubble that you get with shaving, but waxing isn't always recommended for the male genital area because it can cause irritation to sensitive tissue.

Waxing can be done in the privacy of your own home; however, many people prefer to go to a salon rather than do it themselves.


Electrolysis is a very effective method of hair removal, but it is both painful and permanent. So, unless you want to banish your pubic hair forever, you will want to think carefully before making the appointment.


Laser is one of the best methods of hair removal no matter what area you are trying to clean up. It is not as painful as waxing or electrolysis and it can be used to remove hair entirely or simply thin out bushy growth. Re-growth is generally thinner and finer, and you can decide what you want the final result to be. It is a long-lasting method, but will need touch-ups about once a year, so it is somewhat.

Since it is a very delicate area, sessions will be short, but you will need several. Although this can add up to a larger price tag than some other hair removal methods, you will be less likely to experience irritating or painful side-effects.

Talking about male pubic hair removal can make a grown man cringe, but it doesn't have to be a painful, or embarrassing process. Since it is becoming more common and accepted, many laser clinics now offer treatment packages that are designed specifically for men. So, if you are considering male hair removal options, you may want to look into the benefits and advantages of laser treatment.

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