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Like women, men too have their own rituals every day. Removing their mustache to look good is a very common practice for them. Some say that a man without a facial hair looks neat and hygienic. However, we feel that a man without body hair is not only neat and hygienic but also he is sexy.

Body hair removal for women is very common as they always want to achieve smooth and hair free skin. But do you know that hair elimination is now part of male grooming process too? It is just an ordinary activity for them not only here in UK but all over the world.

Whether gay or straight, men undergo a full body hair removal. It is all about looking good and not feeling uncomfortable about their bodies. Though there are still some people think that body hair for men add masculinity to them but we’re telling you being masculine is not about your body hair.

Besides, aside from facial hair that makes you look older than your age. And, so body hair are nothing but bushes that need to be trimmed or removed.

Various Hair Removal
Treatment Options for Men

Let me give you some tips and options on how to remove your body hair. First, look yourself in front of the mirror. Can you see a man with bushes all over? Second, think of a way on how to trim or remove those hairs. There are several options to choose from.

men body hair removal


One of the very common methods for men body hair removal is shaving, since you shave your mustache anyways, maybe you prefer to shave the hair all over your body. But be careful because you might hurt yourself.

Make sure that you use a shaving cream so that you won't cut your skin easily.

male body waxing


Another method is waxing. There are two types of waxing, the cold waxing and the hot waxing. Both of them have the same effect. They both remove the hair from the root so that the hair won't grow quickly. You can expect smooth skin after waxing but either cold or hot waxing, they are both painful. There are various male body waxing packages that we offer at CoLaz.

Colaz Laser hair removal


Laser hair removal on the other hand gives a very promising result when it comes to body hair removal. Though this type of treatment is a bit expensive, but its result is a permanent hair removal.

There are several home kits for laser hair removal, that you can buy. But the use of laser hair removal machine is prohibited unless well trained personnel will administer the process.

To remove your hair from the chest, face, back and other body parts. You really need to use the method that suits you. It doesn't matter if it is expensive or not, as long as it can cater what you need, you'll be a hairless neat, hygienic and sexy man.

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