Male Hair Loss Treatments

You'd be surprised how many young men have a hair loss problem but are too shy to get hair loss or laser regrowth treatments. Often it's the mother or wife who is the one to let the guy know that we're here to help.

We know, for instance, of a teenager who went on a trip to Africa and started losing his hair after he came back. He went to the doctor, but the doctor didn't know what he had. He thought that maybe the boy had some type of tinea, which is a fungal infection. Anyway, the doctor couldn't do anything. The poor young man went to three doctors and nobody really knew what he had or how to treat it.

Finally, his mom found an HLCC salon. They did a consultation and discovered he had basic hair loss, which was starting aggressively at his younger age. He went on the complete program and within three months his hair loss stopped and started re-growing.

After six months, the husband, who had given that woman grief for spending money on their son in the program, asked her to get it for him as well!

That was a story of success, because the boy didn't wait for his hair to die, it turned out it had just gone dormant and needed to be revived.

Timing is Crucial for
Successful Hair Loss Treatments in Men

That is why you should remember this number- five years. Getting the treatment within five years from the beginning of the hair loss is vital to getting your hair back. Even if it has been up to ten years, it still might be possible to recover the hair, but longer than that means that the hair is probably dead. Five years is crucial here. 

Many men shave their head so it is difficult to see immediately whether they are completely bald or whether they have a chance to grow their hair back. They have a kind of a U-shape pattern on their head with baldness in the middle and hair around it.

What they may not realize is that they could have a lot of small, thin hairs remaining. Those small, thin hairs are relatively easy to grow back if we can treat them in time.

Problems with Propecia

Do you know what Propecia is? Or its generic name, Finasteride? It is a drug often prescribed to men for hair loss. It blocks DHT, the main cause of alopecia (hair loss).

Yet, a downside of Propecia is that one of its side effects is erectile dysfunction, or ED. Some men have problems getting an erection because of the way Propecia blocks DHT. It is not a high percentage, but some people do end up with that problem.

Also, pregnant women are warned against using Propecia, or even just touching the tablets. Studies suggest that if they do, their male unborn child could develop a miniaturized penis. Risking a birth defect in an unborn male fetus is a little shocking, but it's something that makes people think twice. 

We suggest you reconsider if you’re thinking of asking your doctor for Propecia. And it’s the reason we like to emphasize that our Complete Program does not use Propecia or have any sexual side effects. 

So, let's look at our safe and effective alternative. It has been developed by doctors over 30 years. You get a complete program of physician approved hair restoration that uses a multi-therapeutic approach. It's a combination of treatments that are quite simple and bring good results if you are organized and follow the schedule.

You Don't Have to Worry with our Colaz Hair Loss Treatment

It includes applying our Colaz Scalp Therapy to get rid of the sebum, the oily substance that builds up on your scalp. You will also take a tablet in the morning that blocks the DHT, the major cause of hair loss. The tablet also provides vitamins in a marine growth concentrate that has been clinically proven in six studies to regrow hair.

Then we give you a mild shampoo with our Colaz DHT Blocking Bio-Therapy Shampoo. We supply you with a topical, the Colaz Re-Stim, that you apply to help regrow your hair. And in addition to all of this, you come in to our salon for hair restoring laser red light therapy twice a week. 

Persistence pays off when participating in the Colaz program of hair restoration. So if hair loss really bothers you, you are not alone anymore, as we are here to help. 

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