Affordable Laser Hair Removal for Men PLUS Skin Care, Facials, Massage, and Teeth Whitening

We understand that you might feel a little uncomfortable visiting a salon. Most men do. But you still want to look good. After all, your uncontrollable hair and skin breakout is not your idea of a dashing, smart, or tidy appearance.

So you might be thinking that you could actually benefit from professional laser hair removal, skin care, and healthy massage treatments. Should you risk it and go to a salon?

Well, you'll feel better about it if you visit a beauty salon that also caters to male clients. You’ll be happy to know that Colaz invites people from all backgrounds to our salons.

Both gay and heterosexual men get a warm welcome as soon as they enter our doors. Are you a transgender? We know exactly what you want, and we look forward to you leaving our salon feeling more sexy, smooth, and confident.

Popular Treatments for Men at Colaz

Hollywood & Intimate Waxing

We know that many men are seeking a professional salon that offers intimate area waxing for their "fun" zones. The hair on this part of the body can become unmanageable, which is why it’s becoming an increasingly popular area to treat.

Many celebrities have kicked-started this waxing trend, referring to the wax as a "Boyzilian". And don’t worry, for this sensitive area we use hot wax in order to ensure the treatment is as gentle as possible.

Waxing for Unwanted Chest, Stomach, & Back Hair

We also provide waxing services for other areas of the body below the neckline. The chest, stomach, and back are the most commonly treated areas for our male clients. Treatments are fast and the results can last from 3 - 5 weeks.

Laser Hair Removal for Men for Longer Lasting Results

If you've thought about a longer term solution for unwanted hair growth, laser hair removal may be for you. Similar to waxing, our clinicians can perform laser hair removal on any part of the body. It's safe, pain free, & relieves you from constant shaving or the tedious application of hair removal creams.

We can remove unwanted hair from your back, chest, arms, & legs. You may even reduce the amount of hair in an area before getting a tattoo. And our affordable laser hair removal requires only 6 - 12 sessions for long term, lasting results.

We can remove unwanted hair from your back, chest, arms, & legs. You may even reduce the amount of hair in an area before getting a tattoo. And our affordable laser hair removal requires only 6 - 12 sessions for long term, lasting results.

Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting for Better Definition

The eyebrows and lashes of males with lighter hair tones may lack definition. An application of tint can darken the eyebrows and bring more personality to your face.

Be aware that the tint needs to be patch tested 48 hours prior to its application to test for any allergy to the dye, so be sure to contact us for a free consultation. Results usually last between 2 – 3 weeks.

Clearer Skin with a Soothing Colaz Men's Facial

Men tend to have an oily T zone & suffer from breakouts & whiteheads around the nose and forehead. With a Colaz facial,  your skin can be cleared up & brightened.  

We tailor our facials according to every individual’s skin, whether it is dry &  flaky, tough and ageing, or pigmented & discoloured. With a soothing facial,  your skin will look good & feel healthier.

LED Light Therapy for Acne

For those who suffer from multiple acne outbreaks, LED light therapy is a non-invasive, gentle treatment. The lamp contains a blue light that kills the bacteria that cause breakouts. We can administer the light therapy alone or you can accompany it with a relaxing facial. The treatment takes only 20 minutes while you sit directly under an LED lamp.

Microdermabrasion Facial to Reduce Wrinkles, Fine Lines, & Acne Scarring

Microdermabrasion provides a deeper exfoliation of the skin. This rejuvenates, smoothes, & repairs your skin. It will also leave it feeling healthy and refreshed. Celebrities often get a microdermabrasion facial to prepare for a big event. This is perfect for you, too, if you have an upcoming celebration or are attending an important business meeting.

Stress Relieving  Swedish Massage

Sometimes you just want to sit back and  relax. Our massages relieve body tension and stress and rehab pain, soreness, and injury. Enter one of our themed treatment rooms to enjoy the full experience. Themed rooms are unique within each salon and include soothing waterfalls, trees, and benches.

Reduce Fat with Non-Invasive I-lipo & Fat Freeze

We provide fat reduction treatments that are non-invasive & suitable for men. Men often experience a build-up of fat at the stomach or breast area. This can occur even in men who exercise regularly and are in good health.

The best part of these Colaz treatments is that they often eliminate the need for liposuction, an invasive procedure that can have a long recovery time. After an assessment of the fat, a fully trained therapist can recommend a treatment plan for you.

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

Everyone notices your smile. Brightening your smile can have a direct influence on both your love life & advancement opportunities at work. It’s one of the most important features of your appearance. Even for those of you who are long-term smokers, cosmetic teeth whitening can significantly reduce the development of yellowing on your teeth.

Client Testimonials

"I knew laser was something that I needed to consider. My beard has always been prominent and I wanted it to be all clear.

After looking around for a professional clinic that was affordable, too, I came across Colaz. I got really close to my therapist who

was a young girl. She was non-judgmental and really caring. The heat of the laser is a little uncomfortable, but the results were amazing."- 


"I am glad I took my husband to Colaz. His chest was so hairy. He had a really bad habit of shaving the hairs in the 

area & even through a vest, it would be all stubbly & uncomfortable to touch. A friend of mine recommended me to try 

laser. After I saw the fantastic results on my legs, I knew it would work wonders for him. All the girls made him feel really 

welcome from day one. I accompanied him on his first visit. After that, he was happy to just go in on his own. Thank you, Colaz. 

His results have made a really big difference to us."- Husband and wife

If you are a friend, brother, or sister of a groom-to-be, order this package and rush him into your nearest Colaz salon!

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