Hairy "Hoo Hah"

by Jade Williams

It was a couple of hours before me and some of my friends flew out to Cancun, and since we booked our tickets on, there wasn’t enough time to get anything done.

I was in desperate need for a trim down below, but couldn’t find the time to visit the beauty salon to get a full Hollywood wax; my only option was to shave!

It was my first time shaving down below (first and last), so I didn’t know what to expect. I had no choice it was either I rocked a bush like the Jackson 5’s or shaved it all off. So I took the decision to shave the whole thing off (i mean every crack and crevice).

When I finished, I was pretty happy with what I had done. It wasn’t exactly silky smooth but it looked good from far.

Anyway, it was soon before I had to leave to go to the airport and meet up with my friends. So I got dressed and headed for the door. As I walked towards the door I could feel a little discomfort down below. I soon came to realise, that the little hairs that were left behind were rubbing against my knickers, YIKES!

I’m sure you can imagine how unpleasant that must have felt. So I quickly adjusted my knickers and rushed out.

Whilst on the drive to the airport the irritation didn’t get any better and I found myself wiggling around in the back of the cab (of course I made the cab driver think i was dancing along to the tunes he was playing on the radio).

When I finally got to the airport I slowly eased my way out of the cab, paid the driver and waddled towards my friends.

All my friends were asking whether I was okay and I reassured them that I was fine and that it was just a cramp.

After we checked in, I still felt irritated and now I was bordering frustration, so I decided to go to the toilet and remove my underwear (I know, far from classy) but it was becoming a nuisance, I couldn’t take it anymore!

Whilst in the toilet, I thought it would be a good idea to actually use the toilet as well, since it was a long flight.

The airport toilets were filthy, so i decided to hover over the toilet seat (very un-lady like, but these kind of stuff happen). That was another wrong decision I made that day, because what I didn’t realise is that for some reason, when you shave the whole of your pubic hairs off, it somehow alters the direction of your urine.

Cut a long story short, I was seen waddling out the toilets with an itchy “Hoo Hah”, no knickers on and urine all done my beige coloured chinos. It was the beginning of the worst holiday ever!

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Male Genital Hair Removal The Beach Episodes

by Alberto
(New York, USA)

WINNING ENTRY in our annual hair removal story giveaway contest.

The vacations were approaching and with 2 months at hand, I decided to take up the exercise regimen to remove those fatty layers so that I could walk around without any sense of being conscious.

My wife has a beautiful physique and I wanted to be sure that I look my best when we would be strolling at the beaches in Miami.

I am a hairy guy and especially down south where there is dense undergrowth, which sometimes I think might become home to some homeless bats!!

I am too shy to get something meant especially for the male genital hair removal "down under", and I am reluctant of application of any such treatment on my genitals.

Therefore I prefer the use of scissors to cut the hair as short as possible. I was also fairly happy to see the workout over the days was giving my physique the right shape.

As the day for the trip approached, the male genital hair removal below was ensured to be the least so that I could wear my swimming trunks without any worries.

Just the day before we departed to Miami, I took a final snip-snip session. The next day, when she gifted me my new swimming trunk, I was a bit surprised. It was too colorful and sleek.

However, I was confident of my body shape and wore it. Once at the beach, I decided to take a stroll with high winds and roaring waves.

I could not help but notice people coming from the opposite direction snicker and move on. But I strolled undeterred, smiling at people. When I came back to where my wife was lying, she looked at me and sat up horrified.

She told me to sit down quickly as she handed me a towel. ‘Go change immediately!’

When I went back to the room was when I saw that I had ‘whiskers’ jutting out from the sides of my colorful swimming trunk, giving it an impression of a joker with moustache.

It was a horrible sight and memory, which will be etched in my being forever. I have never resorted to self created hair removal techniques again.

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