Male Body Hair Removal

by Ritesh Maity
(Calcutta, West Bengal, India)

My First Male Body Hair Removal Experience

You know the mark of a metrosexual< man is a muscular chiseled body.

The guy should have tastes in attire and be able to don the latest in couture. Another unspoken rule is the lack of body hair.

These are the three statements that I always believed till the point I decided to follow the 3rd rule.

I have always loved looking the best I can and have developed a love for informal attire.

However, for some reason I always avoided getting the body hair removed on one pretext or the other. The thought of hair being yanked from my skin gave me creeps. It was not until my friends and I decided to learn swimming is when I felt that I should get the body hair removed.

There is no fashion sense that can hide body hair in swimming trunks!

However, I felt too macho to ask for a proper procedure and went to the nearest the salon FARTHEST to my place.

I did not want to see anyone witness my disgust at the thought of hair being yanked from the body. The therapist told me to relax and applied the cream to my chest. He told me that it would hurt considerably.

I reassured him with a superior look that I would be fine. But I adamantly demanded the fastest mode.

He applied the tape and let it rest for some time. Then he asked me “Ready?

Before I could reply, the tape was yanked and the parlor would not have had such a loud customer before. I screamed like I was being cut inside out.

The therapist got worried and scared. I hid my face to bite my lips as water trickled from my eyes. It was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life.

I have since not done body hair removal again!

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