Male Back Hair Removal

by Sam

Hi ,

I'm 23 (male) and looking into getting permenant removal of my back hair which I would say is over an average amount .

Could you please advise on costs of entire treatment / likelyhood of permenant hair removal ?

and just general information concerning removing hair from the back area for men ?

Cheers ,Sam

Reply Hi Sam,

Thank you for your enquiry,

Laser hair removal is suitable for both men and women. Depending on the type of laser it can work on all skin types. We use the gentle ND YAG laser this has a cooling agent built into the machine, so treatments are virtually pain-free.

You would need to purchase a course of treatments as you are unlikely to see the desired results in one. With Laser, for most body areas you would be recommended 6 – 12 sessions in order to see the most effective results. Often some people may require a few top up sessions to maintain the results they have seen.

We have had many clients who are also doing laser on the same area and have seen the growth reduce significantly.

What you must note with laser is that it is not an 100% removal procedure. Laser hair removal can give a long term reduction in hair growth. Meaning that you can expect the hairs being treated to become finer and take much longer to come through. Also when the hair in the area does return it may appear in small patches or a few odd hairs will come back in the area.

No laser on the market can promise to be 100% permanent; this is because it is difficult to catch each and every single hair follicle. Surplus to this laser results can vary due to changes in hormones, stress and the consumption of medication and gym supplements. Any form of steroid can either trigger false results in the body or the hairs just may not respond at all to laser.

Although you have kindly attached an image, it is always best that we see the density of your hair growth in person. The thicker and coarser someone’s hair is the more likely they are too see effective results with laser.

The reason for this is because Laser light is attracted to the pigment in your hairs. The darker and bolder these are, the better chance of it being picked up by the laser.

It is recommended that you come in for a Free consultation with a therapist, she will be able to give you the most accurate estimate on the amount of sessions you require. Laser prices are worked out according to your individual growth, skin type and the size of the area.

On average we would normally charge £1000 for 6 sessions on the full back, however we do have several offers which run throughout the year. Your therapist will be able to inform you of any running discounts.


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