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Acne Treatment Using LED Light Therapy

LED light therapy is a non-invasive treatment for a wide range of dermatological conditions, including...

  • acne treatment
  • anti-ageing
  • sun damaged skin
  • skin rejuvenation
  • rosacea
  • pain management
  • and wound healing.
Acne Treatment Doctor

The machines used for LED light therapy have particular wavelengths of lights proven to have beneficial bio-stimulation effects on the skin.

How It Works

The two main colour LED lights used are used red and blue. These lights interact with skin cells and cause a photo-biochemical reaction.

Blue LED LightsBlue LED Lights
Red LED LightsRed LED Lights

This stimulates cellular renewal from deep within the tissue and has an anti-bacterial affect. This helps to rejuvenate ageing skin by initiating new collagen production and repairing damaged cells.

NASA has even proven that light therapy heals wounds faster! Benefits.

In addition to skin problems, light therapy can also relieve sore muscles, rashes from ingrown hairs, stiffness, chronic pain and minimise bruising or swelling from Botox injections.

Adult AcneAdult Acne
Skin infection from ingrown hairsSkin infection from ingrown hairs

Therapy Characteristics

As the treatment is non surgical, there is no recovery time or side effects. The procedure is painless and can be used on all skin types. In fact, LED light therapy is very relaxing.

Red Light Therapy

The Red LED lights stimulate the skin cells to regenerate the skin. The resulting stimulation of collagen and elastin helps to diminish fine lines, enhance skin texture, and alleviate spots and imperfections.

The red LED light is a great addition to a facial, as it is very effective in improving the absorption of skin products.

LED Red Light Therapy
Red Light Therapy1

Blue Light Therapy

The blue light helps to reduce acne by killing the Propionibacterium bacteria (p.acne) that causes acne breakouts. Over a short period of three months, acne is usually significantly reduced.

LED Blue Light Therapy
LED Blue Light Therapy1

Treatment Procedure

When you arrive at the clinic to have the blue light acne treatment the therapist will check the type of spots you have because not everyone can benefit from light therapy. 

That picture showed the appearance of papules or pustules, two types of inflammatory spots common in acne sufferers.

If you have non-inflamed blackheads and whiteheads then unfortunately light therapy doesn't respond as well.

The picture below shows what non-inflammatory spots looks like. The following pictures show the types of spots that can be treated with blue light therapy.

Inflammatory Acne
Non Inflammatory Acne

How Long Does It Take To Reduce Acne And How Much Does It Cost?

For optimal results, it's best to book a course of 12 sessions over a 2 month period. The first month you come in twice a week thereafter its once a week. After that I recommend you book a maintenance treatment once every six months to prevent further outbreaks and keep your skin rejuvenated.

I also recommend having a course of microdermabrasion in combination with acne light therapy. This will help remove the dead skin so the bright light can penetrate your skin even deeper.

Below you can see some before & after pictures of our LED light Therapy clients.

Before treatment with LEDBefore treatment with LED.
Results after 12 treatments under the LED lightsResults after 12 treatments under the LED lights.
Before treatment with acne light therapyBefore treatment with acne light therapy.
Results after 6 treatments under the LED lightsResults after 6 treatments under the LED lights.
Result after 12 treatments under the LED light

And this is the result after 12 treatments under the LED light. You can see a great improvement in her skin.

If you got any questions relating to LED light therapy call one of our salons above.

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