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CoLaz Offers the Best Laser Treatment for Spider Veins and Other Blemishes

Laser treatment for spider veins and varicose veins is one of the most effective methods of erasing these ugly blue lines from your skin
for good. Protruding and noticeable veins can show up on just about anyone at any time.  

Don't let ugly varicose and spider veins ruin your opportunity to show off your legs or go make-up free on your face.

If you're one of the hundreds of thousands of men and women in the UK who suffer from embarrassing and prominent spider veins
on your legs, face, hands, or any other area, laser treatment  by CoLaz salons can help.

Erasing Spider Veins: What Are They and How Do I Make Them Disappear?

Laser Treatment for Spider Veins

Spider veins are a type of varicose vein. A varicose vein is one that is enlarged or swollen, making it blue or red, and appears raised off the skin of the legs or face. Spider veins are similar, only less swollen and closer to the surface of the skin. 

They look like tree branches or spiderwebs and can be quite noticeable when they show up in large numbers. Anyone can get spider veins, because they are caused by weak or damaged valves in the veins. 

The valves are designed to push blood back out of the veins toward the heart, but spider veins appear when all the blood isn't flushed out. The veins can also be caused by hormonal changes, sun exposure, injuries, pregnancy, and obesity.

Almost half the UK population experiences these visible veins at some point in their lives, and the most effective treatment to get rid of them is laser treatment for spider veins. This method is so effective because it essentially erases the existence of the vein, not just the appearance of blood through the skin.

How It Works

The laser works by aiming very bright beams of light into the spider vein to make it absorb the energy. The vein fades and eventually disappears with consecutive treatments. Laser treatment  can often be ineffective on larger varicose veins, so those should be diagnosed and treated by a doctor.

Spider veins aren't inherently dangerous, but since they can come from a lack of movement and blood flow, it's good to get any serious pain checked out by your physician. 

Deep vein thrombosis in the legs, blood clots, and other serious ailments can be uncovered by investigating troublesome spider and varicose veins.

To prevent future need for laser treatment for spider veins, wear strong sunscreen, exercise often, and eat a high fiber diet. To treat the troublesome veins you may already have, contact CoLaz. Simply click here to reach our experienced technicians who can help set you up a consultation or appointment.

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