No More Ingrown Hairs on Your Pubic Area – Try Laser Hair Reduction Today!

These days, there are many reasons why people - both men and women - remove their pubic hair.

There is also the question of whether to remove all the pubic hair or just some of it. Some methods of pubic hair removal have to be repeated every few days but others, such as laser hair removal, are much longer lasting, especially when done professionally in a salon. Interested in knowing more about this special treatment? Visit our experts at CoLaz today.

Why Should You Consider Laser for Pubic Hair Removal?

There are certain hygienic reasons for people to have pubic hair removal. Muslim law actually dictates pubic hair removal on the basis of hygiene. Regardless of religion, many menstruating women prefer to have little or no pubic hair.

There are also sexual reasons for pubic hair removal; of course, transgendered people or transsexuals are likely to favour of it too. On a more usual reason, many people find their partner more willing to indulge in oral sex if they have removed their pubic hair. Others find it sexually more appealing to have the sexual organs more exposed, without hair.

For others, at least some pubic hair removal of what can be seen around a bikini is preferred, so there are many reasons why donethey are removed.

Why is Laser the Best?

Laser hair removal needs to be done by a professional in a salon or clinic but it is by far superior to the other long-last pubic hair removal method: waxing. However, waxing, especially of pubic hair, is very painful, whereas laser hair removal is painless.

You will need a few sessions before it is totally effective. However, once done, the effects should last a year or so; that's amazing when you consider that the results of the next best thing (waxing) only last two weeks or so.

Why Home Laser Hair Removal Kits Don't Work?

Professionals train for a long time in how to do pubic hair removal with lasers. There are so many reasons why you should get this treatment done professionally rather than try it yourself.

For instance, those areas are pretty hard to reach and almost impossible to get all the hairs so you may get a very untidy appearance.

Worse, you may sustain burns if you do it improperly. There are a few others risks of lasers that you might become vulnerable to while practicing this treatment at home. Each skin type needs to be treated with a different kind of laser and it is virtually impossible for you to get this right if you try doing it yourself.

You may be very disappointed with the results of home pubic hair removal with a laser kit. They do not work so powerfully, are very difficult to reach awkward areas with, and you may have even more problems if the hair you are trying to remove is fine, or light in colour.

When you couple the likelihood of disappointment at the results with the risks of burns and skin discomforts, home laser removal kits really are not worth the trouble.

They are a great marketing ploy but the reality does not match up to expectations in so many ways. If you want results for a long-term basis with minimal risks, come for a laser hair removal treatment program at a salon like ours.

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