Laser Hair Removal Vs. IPL – The Common Debate

Many people look for ways to get rid of unwanted hair and will go great lengths and spend lots of money to achieve it. There are many companies, brands, products, and ads that have claims of being able to permanently rid the client of the unwanted hair. However, the two most common methods are Laser and IPL Hair Removal. These two methods are commonly confused because they are both quite similar but are very different at the same time.

IPL stands for intense pulse light and is the process of using a light based device to remove the hair. The device emits a variety of light wavelengths that rids unwanted hair in your target area. Its goal is to destroy the hair follicles for good so hair will no longer grow in the desired areas.

Laser hair removal is a little different than IPL. It actually uses a laser to target the specific hairs at the roots and destroy them so that no hair will grow in that spot again.

Here’s How You Decide Which One is Better!

So which one is better? Both procedures have been around commercially since the mid 1990s. They offer the benefit of removing unwanted hair, and both will take several treatments for the procedure to be complete. It takes around 6 to 8 treatments for lighter skin and 8 to 10 treatments for darker skin.

Professionals believe that laser machines are better at removing hair than the IPL. Lasers are proven to take a smaller amount of time to remove the hair, the process is much faster than IPL and is less painful. The setting of the laser can also be adjusted for each area that is needed or wanted to be treated and can safely treat all skin colours and textures.

Another great factor of the laser is that it can precisely remove hair from the target area without disturbing the hairs or areas around it. IPL, however, heats the skin and creates a greater risk for burns, especially in darker skinned individuals.

IPL treatments are better in the sense of treating skin conditions like fine blood vessels or superficial pigmentation but if not used by a skilled technician, can scar or burn the skin. Another downside of IPL is the side effects of long term use. Given the wavelengths used to remove the unwanted hairs, no one knows what the exposure to radiation in higher levels will cause to the client in the long run.

Why Laser Treatments are Better Than IPL Hair Removal

  • Laser on the other hand is more effective for the treatment of excessive hair also known as HYPERTRICHOSIS or an abnormal hair growth on one's body.
  • One great advantage of laser is the ability to modulate its pulse width, power, and treatment size therefore it advances its efficiency.
  • Most studies show that more permanent hair reduction can be achieved through lasers than of IPLs.
  • Many great clinics performed thousands of hair removal treatments with the laser systems in all skin types, African American and Hispanic skin, with great effectiveness. 

Though IPL is the cheaper procedure, it is better to spend a little more and have the laser hair removal done because you will have better results and you will be having a treatment performed that is safe for you and effective at removing the unwanted hairs.

Just like any procedure, it is recommended to go in for a consultation to find out which procedure will be best for you and to also do a skin test to see if you have any skin allergies or problems to keep you from having the treatment.

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