Laser Hair Removal at Southall

by Kay P

I recently bought a laser treatment package at the Colaz branch in Southall. I was offered a FREE consultation and test patch, I was
shocked that it was free as most places I enquired charged minimum of £25.00.

During my consultation, I informed the lady that I had been thinking for a while to undergo laser treatment again after I had in 4 years ago but was very anxious and nervous as I had heard many
stories and bad experiences people had after that with laser overall.

During my consultation, the lady was very understanding despite me going on and on about all the stories and advised me about everything
that was involved. The staff were very friendly and welcoming.

I had my first laser treatment, and despite having my test patch I was still quite nervous, but the staff made me very comfortable and during
the whole session they kept asking if I was ok.

I was very impressed overall with the service they provided and the before and after care. I recommended them to my family and friends,
they also expressed the same experience and said they were nervous too, as it was the first time they were undergoing the treatment.

I would recommend Colaz in Southall to anyone especially those who like me are very nervous and require good customer service and care

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Laser Men Hair Removal at Southall

Being a male and walking into a salon is quite intimidating but Affordable laser put me at ease right away.

They were kind and very friendly, the receptionist took my name and offered me a seat, I was then asked to fill out a consultation form before I even got to the end the laser technician was standing waiting for me.

I was then taken in to the room were it was clean smelt,fresh which is very professional. I sat and watched a video about laser removal while the technician sat with me in the room and went through my form while making me feel very comfortable. After the video we talked about prices.

Before I've been quoted a lot of money but at affordable laser they worked around me, and made sure the price was right!

I was happy with the price plan they gave me and I now continue my laser treatments which the growth of my hair has reduced by about 50% after 3 sessions I feel more comfortable and 100% confident within my self.

I would like to thank all the staff at affordable laser in Southall for making me feel very welcome and not a stranger.

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CoLaz Laser Hair Treatment Southall Branch

by HT

I have visited the Southall and Slough branch. Both the branches have been kept to a good clean standard. They work on an appointment system and usually are seen on time except for a couple of occasions where i wasn't.

I have been a customer for over 2 years and have seen the Southall branch make lots of improvements however I would say it was best run whilst the owner Manroop ran it herself.

Manroop seemed to value her customers and their feedback which doesn't seem to have filtered through to her managers that well. I have had laser on most parts of my body as the results are very good. I have found it actually works.

The offers they have are generally very competitive. I started with my underarms and now every year move on to a different area. I hope to be hair free very soon.

I'd also like to thank Fathia whom i found to be very good and extremely professional. Whilst I was really nervous, she was really good at making me feel comfortable and at ease during my laser sessions with her.

I have also had other treatments like the deep cleansing facials and microderbrasion at the Slough branch. These have also been great. The staff in Slough are very professional and helpful.

Overall I would recommend Colaz and in fact I have done to many of my family and friends.

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my experience at Colaz

by Kiranpreet Rajbans

I was recommended too get my laser hair removal from Colaz in Southall by my cousins and aunty. It was a rather nerve wrecking decision as I did want to get my laser hair removal done but it seemed like a gamble.

I was told to go for a consultation before I started any of my treatments. During the consultation, I was informed about the potential outcomes of the laser hair removal and was given a detailed and rather informative procedure about the treatments.

This helped me overcome my fears and feel comfortable about taking this step as I feeling much more affirmative about this. A little while later, a patch test was carried out on me by Reena.

She was very caring and kept asking me if I had any queries about anything related to laser. Also, she told me about her personal experiences and made me feel a lot more comfortable about it.
My first laser treatment went very successfully and felt very comfortable during the session as Reena made a very good effort in making me feel welcome. I was very content with the results and the aftercare procedures I was told about. I would recommend Colaz!

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by Mrs Surinder Marway

I have tried so many methods of hair removal for years. You think at the time anything will do along as long as it's quick and cost effective.

Unfortunately my skin suffered alot! It was really depressing to have to always put hair removal in my daily routine, I just couldn't go through it again and again. Especially being so busy looking after the family and going to work.

I did try lots of beauty salons and their ideas for hair removal including the one having my face covered with charcoal before being zapped with another invention of hair removal.

It was so painful, I felt I was being tortured......I couldn't bear it anymore!

So many years had passed with misery and disappointment. I was fed up and went back to shaving. (It was easier)

Frequently I drove pass Affordable Laser, thinking shall I give it ago. Then finally I decided to find out more via their website. The website really helped and I gained more knowledge on not only hair removal treatments but the stages of hair growth also.

It was good to learn about hair and how it could be removed permanently. WOW! I was impressed so I booked an appointment.

The staff at Southall Branch are patient, polite and really keen to make you comfortable.

Especially Priya and Chernice. They're absolutely great! Priya always welcomes me and my family with a smile and also answers my questions.

She never gets annoyed or shows any rudeness.

Chernice does the laser treatment on me. She really cares about her patients and makes you feel at ease. I was really nervous at first but she put my mind at rest and explained in detail how the treatment works.

During the treatment I didn't feel any pain whatsoever and the results are great!!!! I am so pleased I picked up the phone and came to Affordable Laser.

It has really changed my life. The treatment is quick and effective. If there is anyone out there who has suffered as I have I would really recommend you visit affordable laser and I am sure you will not regret it.

OH...... I forgot to mention that affordable laser also have really good packages which helps when your on a tight budget!

I am already considering having other treatments. Now I am not depressed dealing with looking after myself because it's nice to be HAIR FREE without feeling the pain!!!!!

Surinder Marwy

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my first experience at Colaz. Great Reviews

by Talvinder Rajbans
(Southall )

I went for a consultation in the Southall branch. I was really nervous when I first went in, then one of the Colaz Staff (Reena) explained the procedure, and reassured me and my sister as we were both getting laser done for the first time. We were happy with the patch test.

Then I went in for my first treatment, again I was quite nervous but Reena explained how the laser treatment works and what exactly will be happening. That made me feel a bit better. Once the treatment started, I was really comfortable with the way I was being treated. Reena kept asking me if I was doing fine every two minutes which made me less nervous and scared.

After getting two treatments done, my hair growth has really improved and I feel more confident about myself than I did before.

Previously my family have been getting laser done from Colaz in southall, and now that I have started I will definitely recommend anyone to get laser done from colaz! They are not only a hair removal company, but they also take pride in what they do and take care of their patients very nicely and provide them with their best service.

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Patch Test At Affordable Laser Hair Removal Southall

by Lukhi

Hey, just had my very first Patch Test done......and lets say there was virtually No Pain....Just Gain!!!!

The Soprano XL may seem like a scary machine, but don't let that put you off.....

They first clean the area that needs to be treated, then apply a clear Gel, and finally start the treatment!

Its only been a few days since I had my Patch Test done, but I can already see the growth is much slower......and they do say that when the hairs do grow back a lot of them will just shed.....WOW!

Hoping that the laser treatment will work on my skin type and hair, and the I can have other parts of my body done too.

The staff were wonderful. They made be feel really comfortable when i arrived, and as this was my very first experience with a laser hair removal process I have really nervous!

However, after having a brief chat with the staff I felt so much more relaxed that having the process done felt exciting as a pose to scarey when I first arrived!!!!!

Will keep all you guys posted as to how the treatment is working on stay Tuned :-)

L xx

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Asian Laser hair removal Southall Middx

by Kirandeep

Affordable Laser has been one of the best things that has happened to me. Before my treatment at Affordable Laser I was an unconfident and unhappy individual, whereas now I am an outgoing and confident person.

I had tried everything to remove my unwanted facial hair from waxing to threading to electrolysis yet nothing has been more effective and pain free as laser hair removal. The staff at Affordable Laser have excellent customer service skills, from the moment you enter the clinic you are acknowledged and greeted.

The therapists treat each client as a different individual with different needs and never fail to make you feel comfortable and relaxed before treatments. I have never left the clinic feeling dissatisfied with the service or my treatment.

Progress of my hair growth has always been monitored carefully and if necessary machines and machine temperatures have been adjusted accordingly. One of the best things about Affordable Laser are there amazingly affordable offers. They regularly offer great packages on treatments sometimes 50 percent off the original price!

After such a positive experience of laser hair removal at Affordable Laser I recommend them to everyone I know because I know like me they won’t be disappointed.


Reply Wow Kirandeep that's a really nice testimonial you left for us. You've made my day :)


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Asian YAG Laser Hair Removal Excellent Results At CoLaz

by shilpa

I visit the Southall branch regularly to get laser done on my full face and I have seen excellent results from day one.

The salon offered me free consultation with a patch test to check which machine would be the most suitable one for me and also to make sure sure do not suffer from any side effects 48 hours after the treatment.

I have been to specialist before and they had not checked this.

I started the first treatment and staff was very friendly and helpful and gave me useful tips such as not going into direct sunlight or using spf cream or aloe vera gel.

They also kept checking the temperature of the laser wasn't too hot for me. I was then advised to book one treatment every 4 weeks to see maximum results.

I quite like the YAG laser hair removal machine that they keep the clinic very clean and hygienic and their staff are all fully trained.

I cant imagine going to get a laser treatment done by someone who doesn't know a lot about the laser and its functions, so hats off to their staff.

They gave me a guide as well to understand how the hair gets away etc.

I do recommend to go to Colaz to feel confident again about your skin and also to feel beautiful again.

This isn't just about hair but they also have treatment for Acne , scarring, pigmentation etc.

Btw branches are in different locations too. I go to Southall but I am sure they are as professional in their other clinics too.


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First time "laserer" ;o) Southall CoLAz

by Donna

I had my first laser experience a few weeks ago at the Southall branch.

My fine chin hairs never bothered me until recently, so I decided to bite the bullet and go for it. Thanks to my cousin who introduced me to this lovely salon. I had a patch test a few weeks ago which took about 3 minutes and I was shocked as to how quick it was, granted I'm not overly hairy but the speed at which it was done was great.

Two weeks after my patch test, I went in for my first session. 10 minutes if that, literally in and out! I love it, it doesn't interfere with your day and I felt good once I finished..the downside - the smell of burning hair :o( but that lasts all of 5 minutes, after that all is well.

I was then given a cup of peppermint tea which made the treatment more pleasant

I'm doing a course of 6 sessions on a promotional deal and I will be going back again in two weeks and am looking forward to it.

In the interim, hair growth has slowed down so I am hoping that this means hair free once my sessions are over. :o)

The receptionist is helpful and always tries to accommodate you. The rest of the staff here are also helpful and ensure that you are comfortable.

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