The Procedure of Laser Hair Removal – At a Glance

We all know that unwanted body and facial hair can be a bothering. Honestly, why can’t it just go away? Here is the solution for you!

Laser hair removal treatment continues to be the best non-invasive, aesthetic way to permanently reduce the appearance of unwanted hair.

Without any doubt, majority of men and women who come to us want to get rid of their unwanted hair. They want smooth and soft skin.

Therefore, we use the procedures that are advanced and hassle-free while removing hair. Here Is How The Process Of Laser Hair Removal Is Carried Out At Colaz:

Step-by-Step Guide to Laser Hair Removal Procedure

1. Patch Test

Our laser technicians begin with the procedure by doing a patch test 48 hours before your treatment. This test is to determine if your skin exhibits an allergic reaction. 95% of our patients do not get any sort of reaction.

If you find your skin extremely sensitive after the patch test, you may need to wait a week or two before the treatment begins just to make sure your skin does not have a delayed reaction.

2. Shaving the Area

Make sure you shave the area the night before for your skin to be less sensitive to the laser. If you don't want to shave yourself, inform your therapist who will arrange for you to come in slightly early and shave the area for you but bear in mind most clinics will charge for shaving.

Tattoos and moles will be pencilled in white to avoid potential burns. (White pencil is used as laser cannot penetrate through white hence the reason why lasers don’t pick up on grey hairs.)

3. Laser Safety Goggles

In order to carry the procedure safely, you will be given a protective eye wear similar to the ones in the picture.

The white laser goggles are worn if you are treating your full face and the black laser safety goggles are worn if treating the rest of your body.

4. Marking Treatment Areas

While the laser technicians are performing the treatment, they will be also marking out treated areas. You will feel a cooling spray being fired on to the skin milliseconds prior to the laser beam being fired. You may feel a slight tingly feeling and heat but this is not painful. In fact the majority of our clients state it as a very comfortable treatment.

At the End of this Step:

After the treatment is finished, our therapist will cleanse your skin and apply Aloe Vera gel or Sun Block. You will be given after care advice, which must be followed.

5. Other Laser Hair Removal Machines

IPL machines and the Soprano pain free laser have a slightly different process as these systems do not have an inbuilt cooling spray which cools the skin prior to contact. Both these machines use a cooling gel on the area before treatment with the laser. The Soprano laser has a dual cool tip to calm the skin for extra comfort. This laser is excellent for someone who has a very low pain threshold.

6. Applying Gel

The therapist will apply cooling gel on the area being treated to help cool and glide the laser. When the laser is fired you'll see a bright light and feel a slight prickling sensation on your skin, as well as some heat. Various laser systems may have cooling air blowing out of them or an in-built cooled chill tip. All these cooling methods used will protect the skin and make the treatment more comfortable.

Duration of the Process

  • The average time taken by laser hair removal treatment is 20 minutes for the face and 5 minutes for the underarms.
  • For bikini it takes on average 15 minutes whereas for legs and back (where there's significantly more area) it takes 45 minutes to an hour.

On average, you'll probably need 6 to 12 treatments using the laser. However the number of treatment may vary with your skin type, skin colour and hair growth.

The laser hair removal treatment process produces better results if your hair is really thick, because you'll see the effective changes more quickly than if your hair is fine. You'll probably need a session every 4-6 weeks, depending on your hair growth.

Your laser hair removal treatment specialist will be able to assess how many treatments you'll require most likely when you see them at your first initial consultation.

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