Laser Hair Removal Treatment Sessions

Hi - immediately after being treated with a laser should the skin be clear and smooth, or exactly the same (with hairs)- does it depend on laser type? many thanks

Reply Hi,

Once you've had laser treatment, the skin will be exactly the same as what it was before. You're not going to have clear, smooth skin straight away, because the hair follicles will still be there. Now, depending on where you're going, what machine is being used, normally the process is that you shave prior to coming in for your session, you trim the hairs down.

Now when the laser is treating them it's not physically removing the hairs. What you've done previously is you've trimmed those hairs back so you've actually just cut them back. The hairs are still there. So the laser will penetrate the hair follicle, and those hairs should eventually, within a couple of days or a week or so should start to shed. So the hairs that have been treated successfully, in the anagen phase should start to shed.

Then you've probably noticed that your skin will feel slightly smoother, because it's not like waxing, it's not like threading, it's not like tweezing where you're pulling the hairs out and immediately afterwards you've got no hairs, you're skin is nice and clean and smooth and it looks clear. With this, your hairs the very next day, you'll probably start noticing it. It's coming through because all you've done is cut them back so they're going to start coming through. Eventually they'll start to shed, so it will not be clear and smooth straight after laser.

I hope that helps


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