Laser hair Removal


I have been to many places for laser hair Removal. I have even had laser hair Removal done at other places even though its the same method of laser hair removal using the same machine but for some reason Affordable Laser Hair Removal has so far been the best.

The treatment was good and I felt very comfortable even though I can have the soprano laser hair removal done locally I would rather travel hundreds of miles to be treated by a friendly face at Affordable Laser Hair Removal.

Also with all the great offers it really is Affordable Laser Hair Removal

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Laser Hair Treatment & Beauty

by Rinku Tailor
(North finchely. London)

I love Laser Hair Treatment & BEAUTY!!!


Laser hair treatment & Beauty give's you confident, more self respect.

Beauty teach people that How to look after themselves with little expense.

People think, laser hair treatment & beauty is very expensive treatment that only rich people can afford it.

so many women people think its a waste of money.

I'm a Beautician and as a women before I have not confident myself. I was always depressed and wary about money, not to look after my self. I always think laser hair treatment & beauty was just a waste of money.

I came to London in 2005 and i have seen a difference between people. I started to change myself. Now I'm trying to help others.

If we not going to look after ourselves, no one going to help us.

Laser hair treatment, waxing, facials, threading and all beauty treatments give us more confident that's why I love it.


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Beauty and the Beast Laser Hair Removal!

by Sharon

This happened about a year ago. When me and my partner was going Christmas shopping in London.

We are in the men's section having a look at the men's facial gift sets,when a member of staff came up to me and said "is this for you sir".

I looked at my partner and the member of staff realised I was a lady and put his head down and apologised.

My face was red in embarrassment all I want to do is run out and cry. After that traumatic experience I've realised I have hair like a man's beard and I REALLY NEED TO GET IT SORTED OUT ASAP!

I looked around at different salons with different laser machines, when I came across you Affordable laser. I booked in for a consultation which was free, which was a plus one and when I got there it was just brilliant. The staff were so friendly and polite!

Now I am nearly hair free thanks to you guys:D

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IPL Laser.

by Jas Kaur

ipl laser hair removal

ipl laser hair removal

ipl laser hair removal laser hair removal screaming

About 2 years ago I decided to go for IPL Laser treatment as my friend was having it done and recommended it to me.

I booked my appointment for a free patch test and a week later went in for my first treatment on my face.

When I went in the treatment room, the lady told me to take my make up off and lie down on the chair and said that i should relax. I asked her if it would hurt and she said it would only hurt more if I was tense.

Of course I was going to be tense, after all it was my first treatment.

Every time she put the machine on my face I screamed so loud cause it was quite painful, but the lady found it funny and kept telling me to relax which I couldn't.

At last the treatment was finished thank god and I walked out into the reception where there were other people sitting.

Oh my god...

They were just staring at me because they could hear me screaming from inside.

They must be thinking that i was having a baby in there, it was so so embarrassing i didn't know where to put my face and couldn't wait to get out of that place.

When I went there for my next treatment, even though the IPL Laser was just a little painful, i made sure that i kept my mouth shut.

Didn't want another show again did we???

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by Harbinder S-G
(Southall, London)

Before I started my laser hair removal, boy was my hair really bad on my chin and neck!! It got to the point where I was having to even wear a neck scarf in the summer, to the extent that I had to wear it just covering the chin so that no one could see my hairy chinny chin!

I was babysitting my husband's niece approx. 6 months ago and she asked me, "Why are you wearing a scarf in the summer?" I replied,

"It's because I'm cold." She looked at me all baffled and said "No it's not", paused and then said "your just trying to hide your hair on your chin because my mum does that too"!!!!

I was MORTIFIED to say the least and it certainly made everyone laugh at my expense! Kids eh?!

Well, I started my laser treatment after that @ Affordable laser hair removal and the hair has since almost disappeared.

Last week I was babysitting the same niece and was wearing no scarf! You can only try and guess what she said to me???? "You haven't got your scarf on today because you've zapped all your hair off, just like my mummy, now your all clean"!!!!!!!!

The things that kids notice...makes me wonder what the adults think!! But she is an adorable niece so let her off for her funny 'HAIRY' comments...

January 2011 ENTRY in our monthly hair removal giveaway contest. Share your story for your chance to WIN free treatments.

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