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Fast Track Your Future

At Our Beauty & Laser Hair Removal School

Is your life too hectic to attend beauty school full-time?

Did you know you can complete the same beauty therapy course as a full- time student . . . in only  7 weeks?

That's right!

Don’t spend years at college to gain a NVQ Level 2 or 3 in beauty therapy. You can receive the same qualification within 7 weeks at our government-registered VTCT beauty and laser hair removal schools.

Do you know that the beauty industry is currently booming, even in these depressing economic times.  Everyone wants to feel and look good, and people are still willing to spend money on themselves.

This has led to a huge demand for beauty therapists, beauticians, mobile therapists, and laser hair removal technicians.  Hence, the popularity of beauty schools, skin care schools and laser hair removal schools continues to grow.

Once fully qualified, you can:

  • Run your own business
  • Gain employment in hotels, cruise ships and airports
  • Work in overseas countries such as Dubai and other booming Middle Eastern countries
  • Specialise in make-up and work in film, television and theatre
  • Train as a nail technician
  • Specialise as an electrologist or laser hair removal technician

As you can see, the possibilities are endless.

Advantage of our Beauty & Laser Hair Removal Schools

During the past decade in the beauty industry I have met many professional clients, including solicitors, accountants and bankers, who have left their corporate profession to work in the beauty industry. Why?

Because the work was too stressful or they became pregnant and wanted a second income working from home. In fact, I did the same thing. I left my accountancy job, thereafter enrolled to study fast track in beauty therapy, then opened my first beauty business in Southall, whilst juggling two young children around.

I now own 4 branches, manage 45 staff and have added another child to my family.

That is one of the many advantages of the beauty industry. You can delegate the work to others (staff), and continue to enjoy life (spending time with your family). You can't do that as a professional as your knowledge of the suject is required at work.

Remember, if I can do it, so can you.

Earning Potential as a Beautician School Graduate

How much can you earn working as a beautician?

Well, that depends.

If you work from home, you can earn approximately £200-£500 per week, depending on what treatments you offer. If you work for a beauty parlour, the pay is around £12,000 to £20,000 a year depending on your experience.

If you are a salon manager, your pay can exceed £21,000 a year. Don't forget that you will also receive tips and commission! 

The salary of a beauty therapist will differ based on the location of the salon or spa and on your experience. Laser technicians can earn up to £30k a year or even higher.

Once you have a year or two of experience, you may want to open your own beauty salon or laser hair removal clinic. This could earn you up to £1,000 per week. Another option is to become a teacher or an assessor and earn up to £30 per hour.

How to Become a Beauty Therapist

The two most popular options are:

1. Attend college full time for 3 years until you achieve the minimum NVQ requirement

2. Find a private centre and obtain the same certificate within only 7 weeks

Beauty Therapy Level 2 NVQ 

There are about 500 private colleges in the UK and the average price to be qualified for NVQ level 2 is approximately £2,000 plus VAT but with us it is £1,295 inc VAT.

Once you get your NVQ level 2 qualifications, you can start performing treatments on clients. However, you will need to obtain treatment insurance from companies such as BABTAC (The British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology) or t he Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists.

Beauty Therapy Level 3 NVQ 

If you want to start performing electrolysis or hair removal, the minimum requirement is Level 3 and it costs with us £1,295.

After your level 3 NVQ, you can study for a Level 4 NVQ in laser/IPL hair removal. You can then run your own business doing laser hair removal treatments.

Why Train With Beaulaz

We are an approved VTCT training and assessment centre offering VTCT qualifications. These are highly regarded and recognised both nationally and internationally within the industry.

With these qualifications, you will be able to apply for positions within salons or spas, and work on cruise ships, open your own establishment, and much more. 

Real-life work experience

We will provide you with real-life salon experience. Hence, when you apply for a job or decide to start your own business, you will already have the practical experience to succeed.

The benefits of training with us

  • Get qualified within 6 months instead of 3 years
  • Learn from an approved assessment and training centre
  • Train with medical grade lasers
  • Gain real- life practical experience with clients

Below are some of the courses we are offering at our Beauty and laser hair removal school

  • NVQ Level 1 to 3 Diploma in Beauty Therapy.
  • NVQ Level 4 in Laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Treatments.
  • 3 Day In House British Medical Laser Association Course in Laser Hair Removal.

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