My first impression of Colaz Advanced Beauty Specialists

by Isabel Cristina

I’ve been looking for to do the laser hair removal for many years, unfortunately I haven’t found the place where people spends the time needed to make me feel comfortable and confident that was the right thing to do and very affordable, I got people telling me that I didn’t needed any special care after treatment, I saw people in You Tube reporting burns because of the laser,

I was very skeptical about all this procedure until I done a serious and consistent research about laser hair removal beauty salons and found the ONE that complies with UK laws and shows very clear in the website BABTAC certified to start with and that answered all my doubts, COLAZ, HOUNSLOW Branch, I phone them up, got an appointment same day with a FREE PATCH TEST (what other salons normally charge) and I knew that was the ONE that owned my trust.

Everyone is highly qualified, overwhelming very confident, trustworthy and made me feel very welcome. I have received a very irresistible deal for the areas that I wanted to be treated and already had my first session.

I now know that was the best decision I ever made and that I could not be in better hands. Colaz cares about you and the way you feel.

Massive THANK YOU for everyone in Hounslow branch you’re all delightful people and see you all on my second session.

Thank you

Isabel Cristina Coelho

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Best laser Clinic in London Hounslow Branch CoLaz

by Mrs Alfred

I was always fearful of having laser hair removal. I never could go further than a patch test which was painful too me however when I read up on the gentle laser at Hounslow branch,it would have been my last resort for laser but I booked an appointment not hopeful that I could go beyond the patch test.

When I arrived at the salon the staff was very friendly,I was asked too fill out a form about my health and skincare regime,then I was shown a video about laser treatment followed by a patch test which my amazement gentle laser did not hurt at all. Shadie my therapist had explained in detail about the treatment and answered all my concerned to the point where I felt relaxed and was not able to go beyond my laser patch.

I am so thankful to shadie and all other staff who were friendly and approachable in answering my concerns for I booked a course of 6 treatments and shadie each time I have a treatment reassurances me and I am amazed at how the laser treatment has worked I am happy of the results and so happy that I had read an advertisement from colaz Hounslow for I have gained more confidence and when I look in the mirror am so happy with the results that am seeing and want again to thank shadie and all the staff,who are so friendly and have so much knowledge in all the beauty treatments that I have so much confidence in the staff that I booked a 6 course of microdermadrasion with preeti and I was so pleased with the results.

I am so happy with the service that colaz Hounslow has given me I would rate the service has a five star its clean and well decorated and will be telling my friends and family about colaz Hounslow.

Always after my treatment I feel relaxed and happy

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facial and laser treatment in Hounslow CoLaz

by j gill

i've now had 2 facials from the Hounslow branch. I suffer from enlarged pores and minor pigmentation. The facials where great. I noticed an immediate difference to my skin and so did my husband! my pores seemed less enlarged and my face clearer.

I've has many facials over the years but the beautician who did my facial really understood my issues and addressed them with the products she used during my facial. my face seemed to glow, I loved it Can't wait for my next facial. the lady who did my facial is lovely, she made me feel comfortable and listened to, she also recommended a product from the colaz range, which I bought and have been using. Its for lightening pigmentation, people at work have noticed a real difference.

Also I've stated laser hair removal at the Hounslow Branch, the medical graded laser made me feel at ease, I had not adverse effect and am looking forward to my next appointment. I've only had one treatment so far, and I've already noticed that my hair growth has reduced.

Can't wait to be facial hair free!! The receptionist is the same one who greets me every time, she's really nice and has a lot of product knowledge, she makes me feel comfortable and not at all awkward.

All the staff are really people friendly. I would highly recommend a visit and indeed have done so to people I work with!

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Very Satisfied With Facial Hair Removal at Hounsow Colaz :)

by Anu

I have had just one session of laser facial hair removal with the therapist Reena and can see promising results already! From the customer service at very first patch test consultation to the friendly and approachable staff (Shivani), I was so pleased with the treatment so early on, I just had to call up the branch and spoke to a lovely young lady called Sam, who was very informative and helpful in telling me how I can go about writing about my great experience here.

I can't wait to go back for my next session. As well as life-changing results no more worrying about unwanted facial hair the atmosphere is relaxed yet professional and I was made to feel comfortable knowing that I am in safe hands.

On top of that the price was very reasonable, definitely value for money! After-care advice was given to me to ensure the duration of my treatment is safe and that I get the best out of it.

Highly recommended to anyone! So tempted to try their other treatments now! I am also really impressed to know that they give you a voucher that entitles you to a free 30min micro dermabrasion facial session!

Excellent customer loyalty too!

Thank you to all at Hounslow Colaz.

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laser hair removal in Hounslow


Hey i have had one treatment so far. im fair skined and my chin area is the area that is getting treated. i feel uncomfortable as my chin area is slightly darker then the rest of my face. is there anything i can do to help this.

Reply Hi Sandeep

Okay, you’ve had 1 treatment so far on the laser and I’m not sure if you’re having it with us or with a different clinic.

Just to confirm, you have fair skin and you are getting your chin area treated, and you feel that the area is slightly darker than the rest of the face, is there anything that we can do to help this.

Well, firstly we need to establish why the area is darker in the area that’s being treated. If it’s because you’ve got very thick hair and you’ve got a stubbly look where you’ve got a green shadow and it’s a bit darker. If you continue with laser that eventually should start to lighten and it will hopefully disappear as well, but it all depends on what the reason is for the coloration on the area.

If you’ve still got just a slightly darker chin and a darker upper lip, that could be a hormonal issue as well. So firstly what we would need to do is establish what the reason for the area is.

There are lightening creams you can use, or if it’s just inherited, it runs in the family, there’s not much that you can do in that area.

My personal advice is, if you book yourself into a consultation, go and see the therapist about the area. She can have a look at the area for you to determine what the reason is for it being darker in the area.

If it’s just because of the hair growth, we have creams that help to reduce the thickness of the hair as well. That may help as well. It’s a good combination with the laser as well, or we have lightening serums that help to lighten the skin. If you’ve got some sort of ingrowing scarring, spots, etc.

There are many, many reasons. We need to be able to determine what it is, if it’s due to any medications. You have to book yourself in a consultation with a therapist and then they’ll be able to review it, do a consultation and advise you further.

I Hope that helps


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Laser hair removal and mini facial, hounslow

by Jessica burrows

I have recently visited the colaz in hounslow first impressions it was very clean really nice welcoming.

They give you all the information about how it work and show you a Video which is very helpful.
I book up for laser removal for 6 sessions.

It was a very good price for it.

On my first appointment I was seen by one of the lady's.

she was very nice and talked me throw everything. I have the laser it was slightly painful but well worth it.

After I had a mini facial it was lovely.
The room set was really good with a rain forest fill and black celling with stars twinkling was great really relaxed you.

I thought for the laser removal it was going to be very expansive for this but the prices for every think is amazing.

The colaz shop is very clean and fresh.

All the staff are very welcoming and has a great atmosphere they gave me lots of information and the also remind you of your appointments by text.

It was a very good experience and glad that I have chosen colaz.

I found them on the Internet and email the about what I wanted done and got a email back really fast with good information.

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Laser Hair Removal - Hounslow Branch

by Jaspreet

I visited the Hounslow branch 2 weeks ago for a consultation. I have previously had laser treatment on my chin using IPL at another salon and was disappointed with the results.

However, during my consultation, Harpreet was extremely helpful. She told me the difference between IPL and the laser machines affordable laser use, making me really optimistic about the results I may see when I begin my treatments.

Furthermore, I was delighted at the prices affordable laser offer. It certainly is affordable! I was shocked at how I had been ripped off from someone who was using an inferior machine to affordable laser and literally charging almost double the price.

I am really happy with the service I received on my consultation day. I also enquired about vibroplates merely as I was interested in what it was. I was informed of the first session being free so gave it a try, and really enjoyed it!

I was taught how to change settings according to what area I want to tone, and I definitely felt my muscles working out.

Harpreet was extremely helpful, informative and very friendly, making me feel very welcome, and I certainly look forward to beginning my treatment tomorrow! Would definitely recommend this Laser salon to all who are looking for laser hair removal.

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