Laser Hair removal Review - London Paddington- Branch Clinics

by Tara
( London, UK)

I did some reading and also on line research on laser machines which eventually brought me to affordable laser clinic website.

I called the London Paddington clinic and Kibar offered me a consultation appointment and patch test without any fuss or waiting period.

When I visited the clinic, it has a minimalist white interior (I believe it is essential for a clinic esp. in terms of lighting for treatments).

Essentially I was very impressed by the overall quality, value, and friendly down to earth approach by the staff which prompted me to sign up for the treatment course (6 sessions).

I have now completed 3 sessions, although I was worried as I have fine hair and little density which makes it more difficult to rid off by laser machines, and the results on the contrary are remarkable!

However, I only began to notice the difference after the 2nd session. Hardly any, if none I can see 3 additional advantages,

  • Is that the process is totally pain free, if any it is a little similar to a hot stone massage (my favorite, thus a leisurely process for me

  • It is quick- in and out in no time

  • My skin originally has an even tone, as a result of a medical reaction 3 years ago which caused extensive dermal discoloration, I was advised that with time and sun would be good (however our climate is not exactly helpful!)- having said that with the machine I noticed that it has improved the evenness , it has not tanned at all, but it helped the skin to rejuvenate

Finally, one major credit is to the staff, Rebekah at the reception is lovely and my therapist Kibar I have come to see her as a friend than a therapist, she is knowledgeable, and excellent at what she does.

I actually enjoy my appointments, same as going to a spa or hair salon, leaving happy and relaxed with visibly good results!

I started the treatment, nearly 5-6 months ago. I was careful with not using any self tanning and I shaved the area 2 days prior to each session. I have been on holidays but I was careful not to over do it with the sun, and I gave it a good gap so as not to bring about any tanning side-effects against the laser process.

Over all, I highly recommend the machine - having used another machine in the past over another area, and I also highly recommend the clinic (which I may add the location is quite discreet (off main road, and without massive signs) for those who are perhaps a little shy on being seen attending laser hair removal clinic.

Try the machine, try the clinic, follow the treatment guidelines and you will be delighted with the outcome!

(P.s most importantly you might be interested to know the prices by London standard are reasonable too!)

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Hair Laser Treatment West London Great Results

by Hibba

I heard about affordable laser from my cousin. But from my past experiences of hair removal laser treatments i was very reluctant. When i had my patch test at Paddington branch I felt a little bit confident as it wasn't painful at all. The receptionist Nina is a lovely lady very welcoming and the lady who does my laser Kibar is also very friendly.

On my consultation I was very nervous but kibar made me relax and assured me its not a painful process and after the patch test was done I was sure that I should book with them. Then I had my actual session. I got my underarms done and i was amazed by the results.

The hair growth was reduced by 60% and it’s a miracle for me. Before my hair was coarse but after the session they are fine and less. Now I'm thinking to get my arms and legs done as well.

After great results I'm recommending Colaz A.K.A affordable laser to my other female cousins and of course my friends as well. With the good results the prices are also very reasonable.

I got the deal of £99 for six sessions for under arms which makes it £16.50 per session, I think cant get a better deal and good results anywhere except affordable laser.

The name says it all affordable laser is actually very affordable.

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Extremely Impressed with CoLaz Beauty Salon in London

by Neetu Singh

I would like all people who would like to get any beauty treatments done around the Paddington area to pay a special visit to Colaz, 31 Southwick Street! I for one surely will be going!

I had met with Deepika on the train and after speaking to her about how we were squeezed in the train like sardines ! Conversation turned into where we worked and she gave me a company card, I was looking for a salon to get my waxing done as I work in Paddington.

I was so impressed with how she literally told me of all the treatments they offer such has permanent hair removal that I must say I am enticed to have them all.

After this chance meeting I am so happy we spoke on the train and will be recommending all my staff to pay a visit too.

I am a business owner and I loved the way she was so passionate about her Salon and her honest approach was very re assuring. Networking anywhere will be bring you business, I am now making sure my staff carry our cards where ever they go!

See you soon Deepika and keep up the good work! I have your card!

Neetu Singh

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Best Most Professional Laser Hair Removal in London

by MH1

Fantastic service, most professional during my consultation and patch test, I look forward to my treatment, the rooms are very relaxing clean and state of art equipment and decor, best price for laser treatment especially of you're looking to get large areas done.

The technician was extremely knowledgeable and answers all of my questions, they will play a video to explain the top five question, this was better than a simply chat consultation, I then went onto my patch test , I was a little apprehensive but my technician put me at ease as well as the room being a nice ambience with the beautiful murals and white colour scheme, I have had no problems in the way of redness text after my patch test, after care was also explained , it was great to see them use a high quality Aloe Vera gel as most cheap ones are full of alcohol and can sting the skin,

what I like was they took out a good hour for my consultation and patch test, I was not rushed in anyway,no short cuts taken, overall service was outstanding close to Harrods/ Knightsbridge as I've had a consultation there.

They have several salons locally but tend to be fully booked so I would recommend you book on advance so again a good sign as they are busy, they also offer a whole host of top of the range treatments.

You're also able to get basics like threading waxing done, again I had my eyebrows done and was happy with the finish.

I would rate them 5/5 for service so far vs other salons locally and in central London , great to see this type of service being offered locally.

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Excellent service and Laser treatment :) 100% recommend

by A.A

I just wanted to say thank you to Zara as she's been very helpful and a great beauty therapist. I am so delighted with the results of my laser treatment and electrolysis. I've booked a course of 6 and am extremely happy with the outcome. Also, wanted to pass on my thanks to the lovely team of Colaz in Paddington inc. Nina and Jolanta - I'm loving the service provided and definitely a clinic that I would recommend to all :). Xxx

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Ultimately The best Lasering Experience - Affordable Laser Hair Removal Paddington

by Amal N
(London, UK)

Myself and my husband have been going to this clinic for a few years now and it is always a pleasurable satisfying experience, every time.

The moment u enter you are greeted by a warm, friendly receptionist making you feel very welcome. Our regular therapist, Kibar is fantastic she always carries out lasering to an exceptionally high standard of professionalism.

After 8 sessions of lasering on my under arms i have a permanent hair reduction - no more shaving ! :)

Last week I decided to go for a deep facial cleanse as I have never had this before. WHAT AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE !

I left the treatment rooms feeling blissful – completely relaxed, pampered and cleansed. The consultative process was great – I knew exactly what to expect and was advised to drink plenty of water and alter my diet a little.

You will definitely get your monies worth. And she even gave me several dermalogica samples suited to my skin to take away.

Overall, I always have a lovely experience. The Soprano and latest Yag laser machine is truly very effective in reducing hair, if not then permanently prevents hair growth.

It's incredible. Kibar, is an excellent therapist i really recommend her and all the staff are welcoming and the atmosphere is great!! :)

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Lazer Hair Remover Paddington London W2

by Alia B

Great Staff and Great Results at Affordable laser London Paddington Branch

My name is Alia and I am currently a client at the Paddington Branch and am extremely happy with the service I get. I have visited other laser branches before such as Skin Clinic but have always left as I have never felt comfortable as I have found the laser uncomfortable or the staff professional but distant.

However, the staff at Paddington are really friendly and do their utmost to give you appointments that suit you. Once, in the laser room, you can listen to music while you have your hair removed but I prefer the great conversation

I have with Kibar who makes lasering those awkward areas a lot more comfortable. I am having my whole body lasered and the Soprano laser is brilliant, it feels like a hot massage on most areas of the body and is not painful unlike the machines where I have been zapped to death with little results to show for the pain.

I would definitely recommend Affordable Laser in Paddington to all, and have done so too many friends already.

Not only do they have great offers, (I got six sessions on my underarms for £99 when they had a promotional offer)they also have great staff and I am beginning to see a reduction in my hair growth!!!


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