Laser Hair Removal Re-growths

How to remove the re-growth hair after the laser treatment?

Answer You can remove the re growth hair after 48hrs after your treatment by shaving.

If you don’t want to shave then you can wait 2-3 weeks later and use a scrub to remove the hairs.

The best option is to shave or if you don’t like shaving you can trim the hairs with scissors and just shave the day before you have your laser treatment.

We don’t advise on using any hair removal creams because if you leave it on too long it could actually cause you a mild burn.

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Ingrowing Pubic Hair Removal Using Laser

by chris

Dear help desk, I am male and have disliked my pubic hair since it started to grow, many years ago, I have tried many ways to remove the hair , from veet, wet and dry shaving , plucking and epilation, and some times more than one at the same time, epilation being the most effective, however I have never managed to gain a smooth skin and end up with a rash with wet shaving, with epilation leaving and spots or hard lumps which take forever to go,(mainly around my bikini area, although I do not wear a bikini)

My question is will laser treatment leave me with a smooth skin and will I have to wait until all of the bumps disappear before I start my treatment, and if I am suitable how much will it cost and when can we start.

Reply Hi Chris,

Well the answer to that is, laser pubic hair removal is probably more effective than waxing and plucking and epilation in the area because there's less chances of you getting bumpy skin, because with electrolysis you can get bumpy skin with that as you've mentioned in your email.

We've done a lot of clients, male clients, bikini area, hollywood area, full bikini area and they have seen very good results. If you're looking for smooth, hair-free pubic area it is very, very unlikely it will happen. I'm gonna be honest with you because laser cannot remove every single hair around the area.

You cannot get 100% clearance. You may be lucky enough to get about 80%, some clients will see less than that, some clients will see more than that, but on average if a client's skin type is between 1 and 4, coarse, thick hair they normally see very good results around the area. In regards to smooth skin if you're concern is, is the skin gonna get bumpy, is it gonna be irritated, from my experience the answer would be no.

You may find it will be slightly irritated.

Ocassionally clients do say it does itch for the next couple of days, for about two or three days, but that dies down as long as you follow the after-care and the post-treatment advice that is given to you, you shouldn't have any issues.

My only concern is, you have mentioned in the email that you get a rash from shaving. With this treatment you are required to shave the night before your treatment. The majority of clients, what they tend to do is do a foamy shave on the bikini area and that really helps to clear any reaction that would occurr.

Normally once you've done the laser it still settles. You may get the odd little red pinprick, red dots but that normally clears within 48 hours to 72 hours. Prior to the treatment we will do a patch test and make sure you don't have any reaction to the laser and if everything's fine and if you're suitable for the treatment you can actually go ahead and book your first session then.

My personal advice would be, come in, have a consultation and let the therapist have a look at the area. If the area is very bumpy from electrolysis then we will need to wait for it to slightly clear up, but do come in and show it to the therapist where she can have a look at the area to treat.

So if she finds it's very bumpy and still sore she probably would recommend that you wait another week or two weeks until it calms down before we do your patch test. But if the area is not as severe as you think it is, then we may be able to do the patch test.

We do require all your medical history as well, to make sure that you're suitable for the treatment, but it seems you should be fine if you've been having electrolysis done.

So do feel free to come in for a consultation.

Thanks Chris


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laser hair treatment in armpit

by rina

hi, I did laser treatment under my armpit, although I have completed my 6 session still tiny hair coming under my armpit, but I don't want my single one hair come back again, is that possible to do as much as armpit treatment until 100% result.


Hi Rina,

With laser hair removal majority of clients require on average 6 – 12 sessions in order to see the best results. Your expected results after a course of 6 would be to see hair-growth reduce not completely disappear. This means that the hairs can become finer, fluffy or patchier.

Although some people are able to achieve a completely clean finish, majority of clients will still have a few sparse hairs in the area. I recommend that you grow the hair out slightly longer, then you can show your growth to a therapist who can then advise whether you may see a result with a further 6 sessions.

Once your hairs have reduced considerably, we can then try out an alternative treatment on the area. This would be electrolysis. When hairs become too fine often the laser will then struggle to catch them. Electrolysis( treatment can be done on any hair type, regardless of density or colour. Using a small needle which has an electric current passing through it, the therapist will insert the needle into your hair. This will kill the hair, and so long as the hair is in the Anagen growth phase you will see a permanent result.

I recommend that you try out electrolysis only when you are left with few hairs, this is because it can often be a lengthy process and very time consuming. This is because we are targeting every single hair follicle individually.

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Does Laser hair removal grow back after marriage?

by reem

Hi Colaz

Does the hair treated with laser grows again after marriage?


Reply Hi Reem

Normally it shouldn't, so you getting married shouldn't actually affect the treatment. The only time your hairs may come back is if you become pregnant and your hormones become imbalanced and they go all over the place, so sometimes you can get quite a lot of extra growth while you're pregnant, but that normally disappears once you've given birth because your hormones sort of go back to normal.

Other times, if you've had laser treatment and your body's changed, you get a hormonal imbalance or you become ill or prescribed some medication, these kinds of things can affect hair because it can start to regrow again.

Even stress, if you're very, very stressed that can trigger it because it imbalances your hormones. So it could be a number of things why after having laser your hairs can come back. But the majority of clients we've had don't really complain that the hairs are coming back, even if they're pregnant they get the hair coming through then, but it normally reduces back down once they've given birth.


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