Laser Hair Removal on Male Genital

by William Hood
(Stoke On Trent)

hi there for about 12 years now I've been shaving not only my pubic region but also between my legs and inside my buttocks too around 5 years ago it got to the point I was shaving my entire body from the neck down everything everywhere but on occasions I nick myself and quiet frankly I just want to be smooth I'm fed up with shaving everyday head to toe unfortunately for you I've just started laser hair removal with the Harley medical group at a clinic in Manchester and they had a real offer on 30% off I had some money so went ahead and booked a load of treatments legs arms chest and stomach I've now paid for that so will be having it done with them .

however the reason I'm now messaging you is they wont do my pubic region and I want everything done I need to find a clinic willing to do my pubis penis scrotum under between my legs and my buttocks I had my first treatment on my legs last week and going to have the other parts done tomorrow it would be nice if I could also start treatment of the above mentioned areas at the same time simply so that I start to see the results for everything around the same time I know your in London Paddington and would have to arrange travel to get to you as I'm based in stoke on Trent but I do want this doing asap if your clinic offers this service can you please email me back with a rough price guide for the mentioned areas I'm guessing you'll offer a 4 treatment pack price ? or packs this would be a good area to start I would also like to arrange to come down for a consultation and test patch while I am there I will probably pay for and book in to start treatment I can also ask Harley medical for there laser settings they use on me if that helps much appreciated many thanks I did message a clinic last week near Victoria and they did call me back the next day but I've lost all traces of my contact and website with them so if that was you my apologies I can come down for the consultation next Thursday the 13th of February in the afternoon around 2 or 3 pm if you have an available appointment slot



Do you still require services for the Hollywood: pubic, penis and scrotum laser hair removal? If so we are happy to help you with this.

Can you email us on with your personal contact number and we will contact you straight away.

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Male Pubic hair removal

by Greg
(Sevenoaks Kent)

Had laser treatment to remove hair from frontal area 4 years ago but may require a touch up treatment
The only hard that are left are mainly grey. How lower down was not treated before and hair colour is dark
I do really enjoy the smooth look. Is that something you can do for me.

Reply Hi Greg,

It is great that you have seen a reduction in your growth from four years ago. Laser hair removal is most effective on dark black or brown hairs. This is because laser beams are attracted to the pigment (colour) in your hairs.

Therefore finer hairs or hair colours such as blonde, white or grey are difficult to treat. For these hairs the laser beam may not cause any destruction to the hair follicle. I can advise you to consider an alternate hair removal method such as electrolysis.

Similarly to laser, electrolysis treatment can give you a permanent reduction in hair growth. The treatment is suitable for all hair types and colours. If you have just a few hairs returning this treatment would definitely be suited to your needs. The electrolysis method places a small microscopic needle into the hair follicle; this needle has an electric current passing through it. The current kills the hair follicle and it can then be plucked out with ease. Each individual hair follicle is treated separately within this procedure.

It is always best that we take a closer inspection of the area before advising the best treatment for you to follow. I advise that you consult an experienced therapist who would be able to recommend the right path for you.

You also stated that you would like to remove growth from lower down. By lower down, I assume you are talking about the male bikini area. We can treat hair growth all over the body.

There are a few variations in treatment for the proposed area you are looking to treat. If we are just treating the surrounding area we would classify this as a bikini line treatment.

To remove growth fully we would call this a Hollywood. If you would like to keep a design as some people do opt to, this tends to be a thin vertical strip of hair, and this is best known as a Brazilian.

Prices for the treatment will vary according to how much hair growth is being treated. We do hold a very professional manner and would try to accommodate that you would like to do laser hair removal in this area.

Before you can proceed with treatments you are required to come in for a consultation, where you can sit down with a therapist one to one and discuss your options.

Consultations at Colaz are completely free. We are open from Monday to Sunday across four different locations across West London. These locations are: London Paddington, Hounslow, Slough and Southall.
Please feel free to contact me or a Colaz team member should you require any more advice.

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Male Genital Hair Removal

by Squirming in L.A

Ok... I have to know... what method of male genital hair removal is least painful?

My wife is insisting that I clean up down there and from what I've heard, most options are painful.

Call me a wimp, but if I'm going to do this I want it to be as painless as possible.

There's mixed opinions on whether laser is safe for certain areas of a man's privates so I'm leery of that option.

So, does anyone have an experienced opinion?

What is your genital hair removal method of choice and how painful is it? I want the straight truth!


There are several methods of hair removal which are nonpainfull they are:

  • Shaving

  • Trimming

  • Laser treatment

  • Hair removal cream

Check out this male pubic hair removal guide to learn more

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