Laser Hair Removal on cheeks stomach back full arms

by alvin
(southall branch )

I been coming to Colaz laser for more than a year now. At first I had my cheeks done as my hair growth was thick since I shaved at a young age.

My hair growth became really bad in which I had to shave everyday and so began to research places that did laser at an affordable price. I came across affordable laser(colaz now) which was by far the cheapest, and reading the reviews safest!

On the first day I was quite nervous as this was my first time doing it but was reassured by the friendly staff chernice and the receptionist henna.

After the first treatment I could straight away see a difference and after few more sessions it had cleared up. My cheeks are completely hair free and cheeks is now smooth due to it. During my course chernice had left which was sad since I felt close to her but Henna came back to the southall branch so was relieved so decided to remain at the southall branch and carry on treatment with her.

Due to the results of my cheeks I decided to get my full arms chest and back done at a great price! And I wasn't disappointed with the result after doing a few sessions there has been a massive reduction on my hair growth even after the first session I could see a result!

After a few sessions Henna became a receptionist in which I was in a state of thinking what to do but was assigned to angie through henna and I was reassured as Angie is just as good. Henna and Angie are friendly and I get along really well! Each time I come there I feel like its my second home due to the friendly staff especially henna and angie. I completely trust them in what they say.

I have currently gone for my first Microdermabrasion hoping now to see the same satisfaction I got from the laser. But this truly is the best place and I would highly recommend it to anyone!


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