Laser hair removal/ IPL doesnt seem to be working for me

by Dipa

Hi I have been doing laser since i was 18, I'm now 28 and I have to agree with a few people that its not making difference on me.

I have been to 2 different clinics, the one im using now is elipse ipl.

I am a perfect customer as I am fair with dark hairs.

For me, i believe its my genetics but no matter what the cause is, I do expect to see results. Especially after 10 years.

I laser my face and legs, I do see a difference on the legs which i started treating 2years ago but my face that i have been treating for 10 years i don't see no difference.
I do understand its a hormonal area but after 10 years i would expect to see something. I am losing faith in laser treatment as to me it just takes longer for the hair to grow back.

Reply Hi, Dipa

You mention that you've been doing laser on your legs for two years now, you've seen reduction there which is great. In my personal opinion the legs work great and you'll see a lot faster reduction within six to eight treatments, within the year or year and a half you'll see very good reduction on the area.

Now, with your face, it's very difficult to see the reduction because it could be that you've started off maybe with finer hairs, very fine hairs and you haven't really mentioned in your email if they were fine, thick hair, what type of hair it is.

If it's fine hair you will notice, I mean, we've had clients that have had very fluffy hair, still black hair but it was still quite fine, and we've done the laser and it's become sparse, but they're still unhappy because they're saying they want most of it cleared, but unfortunately you can't clear the whole area.

It's very difficult, the face is very hormonal, in a square, centimetre by centimetre square, there's five hundred hair follicles, and some of them are inactive follicles, and you've had laser done and all of a sudden, two months later, a new hair follicle will become active and you start seeing that hair growth coming back again.

So the face does take a lot longer to treat and to be honest if anyone is getting the face done I do say you have to be ready for maintenance. You will need top-up every three to six months depending on how fast your hair grows. With me, I have a top-up every three months. My hair was fine but it was still quite noticeable. I had it done, it's sparse but it's still there and it's not as good and clear as I expected but as a therapist I know, I've had a reduction but it's not going to get rid of every single hair follicle because it's going to keep promoting new growth because in the centimetre by centimetre square as I've said there's five hundred hair follicles, and half those hair follicles are not even active, so later as you age, you may have treated the hair follicles that you went in to originally treat, but you've got new growth coming through. So it's quite difficult to explain that as well.

Unfortunately, in your case it looks like you're going to have to have a top-up every three months. Hair growth keeps coming back, new hair keeps growing. And if your hairs are quite thick and they're a very coarse type hair similar to a male's beard, that should actually give you a better reduction where the hairs that are slightly normal to fine hairs.

Medium-type hairs you're not going to see much of a difference, that's why legs work a lot quicker. The underarms work, the bikini works brilliantly, but the facial hair is not to start off with very thick or coarse, you're not going to see much of a difference because sometimes it could be that your hairs are just too fine for the laser to pick up.

So it really depends on your hair type, what type of hair you have as well. Remember the coarser, the thicker, the darker hair the better the results. You can still have hairs that are dark but they're actually fine hairs and the laser still finds it difficult to detect that.

Anything that's slightly coarser will see better results and that's from my own personal experience. But with the face its hormonal and you do need regular top-ups.

Now, if your hair growth is coarse, thick and you meet all the criteria and you've had laser for ten years and it's still not working, then maybe you need to go to the GP and get a blood test, make sure you haven't got a hormonal imbalance or you haven't got a thyroid problem or any underlying medical condition that keeps promoting your hair growth, so that's another route to explore as well.

But you're seeing a difference in your legs as you're saying so it seems to be working, but with the face you do need to top-up regularly to be honest.

I Hope that answers your question


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Oct 25, 2019
by: Anonymous

I’ve been having laser treatment for 18 months on my chin (12 months) and jawline (6 months) to capture the hair that was not caught during the first treatment for my chin. I’m extremely disappointed, I’ve spent close £450 and the hairs are still there!! I’m struggling to understand why the treatment is not working or whether the machine/technology is old?

Jan 08, 2019
IPL facial hair removal did not work
by: surrinder

Laser is far more effective then IPL. The problem with laser machines they are very expensive starting from £45,000 upwards for a good quality laser. IPL machines are cheaper hence why lots of salons use them but they fail to understand that customers want effective results otherwise they get complaints like you have just made.

CoLaz has built its reputation because we invested heavily with the top laser machines and our customers always come back because the results have been fantastic

Dec 24, 2018
IPL facial hair removal did not work
by: Anonymous

Hi.. my daughter had a 12 sessions of IPL for facial hair removal. Looked promising for a couple of months but now it's all back. Complete waste of hard earned money. I feel so sad for her. She is 25 ... Would laser work??

Sep 28, 2018
by: Anonymous

I used IPL and it didn't work for me. Yag did, system used at another clinic... she explained some people need a longer wavelength. IPL is pulsed some hairs need a longer zap. Polaris system worked for me.

However if the hairs get fine...or lighter during treatment they won't disappear. I had very fine upper lip hair albeit black... so fine laser didn't work... thicker hormonal hairs were zapped perfectly not the finer ones. Problem with hormonal hair it can easily come back... might appear to be the same place and u feel laser dudnt work long term... likely another pesky follicle that has gone crazy!

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