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7 Reasons Why Laser Hair Removal Home Kits are Not Good

Laser Hair Removal Home Kits

Before you purchase any laser hair removal home kits, I urge you to read on.

This kind of hi-tech hair removal has rapidly increased in popularity, to become the world’s second most popular cosmetic procedure.

Due to the fact that many beauty salons now offer this procedure and it appears to be quick and relatively painless, people have begun to think that they can carry out this procedure at home.

Now That is a Big Mistake!

You will find laser hair removal home kits for sale quite easily, but I would like to explain to you why you should never be tempted to go for them. They appear to save your money but in the end they may cause you a lot of pain and heartache.

  1. The use of lasers is basically a medical procedure. It makes no more sense to attempt it at home than it does to stitch up your own cut head after a bad fall.
  2. There are several risks and side-effects of this procedure. It is difficult to control such kind of hair removal which is not done under sterile and controlled conditions.
  3. The three main risks of doing it at home are burning of the skin, hypopigmentation and hyperpigmentation. Probbaly the most likely side-effect of these home treatments is burning of the skin, as well as inefficient hair removal.
  4. Burns may occur in carrying out this procedure at home when the energy of the laser goes into the skin rather than the hair follicle. It is quite difficult to set the laser parameters correctly, which is why burns are so common if this procedure is done at home.
  5. If the laser is set too high it is unable to pass efficiently through the melanin layer of the skin, which will causes excess pigmentation or loss of pigmentation so you may get dark or light patches on your skin. These uneven skin patches may never fully heal.
  6. Another complication that a few people consider is that in a salon, the areas which are to be treated with usually be given anesthesia beforehand to make the treatment as comfortable as possible.
  7. Administering an injection of anesthesia is virtually impossible to do effectively at home. If you try it, you expose yourself to all kinds of health risks.

So, home laser hair removal is seldom done correctly; leaves patches you can't reach; is more uncomfortable because you can't safely anesthetise yourself and exposes you to the likelihood of burns or uneven pigmentation. Exactly why would you do that to yourself...?

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