My secret!!! Painless herbal permanent hair removing oil!!!

by Tia

For longer lasting affordable effect, I just wanted to share my beauty secret with you all because I truly believe EVERYONE should know about this product and it wouldve saved me loooads if I knew about it longer ago!!! I 

Right, 3 years ago I was really embarrassed about my hairyness. My legs and arms were terrible and I had side burns and hair upon my lip n i HATED it. I must tried just about everything n turned to waxing but I couldnt get myself to do it cuz I knew when I was gonna pull the strips off so I knew when to expect the pain so I starting going to the beauticians. It didnt really get easier though and it cost me loads cuz I had hair all over.

I tried home sets of this and that n was about to give up and splash out on laser but then my last attempt turned to HairyCure. Some herbal oil, a friend told me about. Anyway, thinking "ohyea herbal ey..." decided to give it a go because it was a recommendation from a friend. So online I went n ordered 1 bottle. Cant remember what site exactly or how much precisely but it didnt even cost 50pounds, i remember that much cuz i remember how much it would be saving me if it worked compaired to the beauticians and certainly laser.

Anyway. it said to remove the hair from the root so I went down  the waxing route again and rubbed it in. I was pretty shocked to notice my hair came back much slower n much much much thinner. Could it really work?? I couldnt explain it. Anyway 4 or 5 waxing attempts later n ive got to say, i still cant explain that im hairless 3 yrs later. im so glad i tried this cuz the hair under my arms was really irritated from razors n shaving so thats finally no longer a problem that is such such suchh a nice feeling especially in the summer and it MUST prove that its ok for sensitive skin, because before my skin under my arms was red raw.

I think more women and even men should know. try it, if it stopped the nasty thick hairy arms and legs that i had, im convinced it will get rid of anything. Hope this has helped you, even if it's just one person x HAIRYCURE PEOPLE - GOOGLE IT!!!!!! x

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Mar 22, 2018
Permanent Hair Removal Treatment by Skin Care Clinic
by: KayaSkinClinic

Hey, sorry to hear your story. But, I would recommend to go for any reputed skin care clinic rather than going for any hair removing oil. If that sounds legitimate to you then I believe, Kaya Skin Care clinic is the good to go. You can visit them here:

Jul 21, 2014
Herbal Beauty Salon in Valley Stream
by: Lindsey Nicole

There are many ways of not suffering from beauty problems and for that you have to conscious for your main points of your beauty and for those you have to contact to your beautician.

Jul 29, 2013
No scam - Contact your distributor for full refund!
by: Anonymous

So sorry to hear this. Have you been certain to remove the hair directly from the hair follicle? If so and the product have not been successful, you xan simply send the bottle back and have your money refunded without any fuss at all! Please contact V Hair and Glamour abour this matter, they will be more than happy to help you. This is NOT a scam. Good luck and sorry for the late reply!

Jul 20, 2013
by: Anonymous

Well I've done about 6 treatments and I don't see a difference!
Is this a scam? I've seen this same posting in a bunch of hair forums...
How long did it take you to even see results? I think it's a scam!

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Total Hair Removal in Males

What I would like to know is, what is the best permanent least painful hair removal system, that can be used on any part of the body is quick and can be used in the privacy of your own home?

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Mar 27, 2018
Best Dermatologist in South Delhi
by: Anjali

We are believe in providing world class revolutionary permanent laser hair removal treatment in South Delhi by combining skills, scientific knowledge and experience of our doctors trained amongst the best institute of India namely, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Safdarjung hospital, New Delhi

Mar 21, 2012
laser hair removal maxi medicare
by: Sully

I was just like you a years ago, I had been waxing at home for 3 years but it was just too much work and pain, so I started searching everywhere online for pain free hair removal. I didn't find any home products but what I did find was Maxi Medicare which is a laser clinic based inside a doctors surgery. So problem solved I can discreetly get treatment done in a doctors surgery and it was pain free.... I hope this has helped

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Laser Hair Treatment

by renewmedica007

Nowadays unwanted hairs became a major problem in our day to day life.

Every one is trying to change the treatment the way of style to remove hairs.. For example waxing and shaving.. these are the old treatment and very pain full to interact and regarding to skin also these methods may infect for body too..

My best suggestion is to go for the laser hair treatment so that u will never go again and again for the treatment.

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Clinics with IPL machines maskerading as LASERS

by May

IPLs are Cheap, Cheap Cheap - look on e bay and you can pick one up for around £200.00

LASERS are not cheap. They are MEDICAL EQUIPMENT, used by qualified doctors and nurses.

IPL's = beauty therapists or even just 'therapists'

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