No Painful Waxing, No More "Gorilla Suits"

Laser hair removal for men is a great solution to perpetual 5 o'clock shadow, a hormone imbalance that makes chest, back, arm, and leg hair abundant, or any area on which you are tired of wasting shaving cream and wax.

Yes guys — it's not just women who should enjoy the benefit of never having to shave or wax.

If you (or your lady) like a smooth chest, if you’re annoyed by sharp stubble, or if you have constant trouble with painful ingrown hair, laser hair removal can help. This procedure has become extremely popular at salons and clinics worldwide due to various reasons.

Why Laser Hair Removal for Men Is Rapidly Gaining Popularity

It's Quick

Dark hair responds well and can be fully eliminated in just a couple sessions over one or two weeks. Compare that to daily shaving for the rest of your life – the cost savings are huge.

It's Safe

Certified technicians who have gone to beauty school will treat you, not just anyone who has walked in off the street. Read about a success story about one of our happy clients here.

It's Affordable

One pack of FOUR razor cartridges: £9.99. One wax strips package: £6.99. Repeat each month for your whole life. Try a £200 home laser hair removal machine and find that it simply doesn't work. Besides the fact that our technicians are trained to administer this treatment while you most likely aren't, our machines cost more than 100 times what a home removal machine does and are dramatically more effective.

It's Virtually Painless

Waxing involves sticking hot liquid directly to your skin, waiting until it adheres to hundreds of hairs, and then painfully ripping them out at the root all at once. Multiply that by as many times as it takes to eliminate all the hair from your chest or legs. And good luck with your back. Laser hair removal, on the other hand, sends concentrated light beams directly to the root of each hair, which makes your unwanted "fur" gently fall out with a 90% effectiveness rate. It’s an easy decision.

If you’re a bodybuilder, actor, model, or just frequent at the beach or pool, the hair-free look is definitely for you. Hairy chests are out and smooth, non-irritated skin is in. Women are not the only ones who want to look good these days, and men, you deserve the carefree look and feel of a hairless body too. Affordable laser hair removal for men can be the solution you need to never have to worry about painful and expensive alternative hair removal methods again.

If you or your partner think you could stand a little less eyebrow, jawline, neck, back, underarm, chest, arm, or leg hair, call, email, or visit any CoLaz location today to receive a free, no-obligation consultation where your personal needs will be assessed. Let us give you an accurate quote, and information that cannot be estimated online or over the phone. Many clients are pleased to learn that they will need fewer treatments than they originally expected, and that the affordable laser hair removal for men they were looking for is easy, and pain-free.

Hair Removal Packages for Men at CoLaz

Recent years have seen new trends developing in body hair removal for men. According to studies, at least 50% of men under the age of 50 use some form of hair removal aside from normal facial shaving. In fact, depending on who you ask, this figure has been shown to be as high as 90%.

In the past, waxing and shaving was reserved for swimmers and bodybuilders, while every other man held onto their hair with pride. Now, as fashions have changed, so have men's thoughts and perceptions on grooming. Whether they want to show off their muscles, get a tattoo, please their partner, or improve their appearance, hair removal is becoming an accepted practice.

In other words, being excessively hairy is no longer the measure by which male attractiveness is judged. The caveman look is out, and a clean-cut, well-groomed image is being embraced. While some men don't want to remove body hair completely, there is definitely a growing trend toward taming out-of-control hair growth.

Body Hair Removal for Men Includes The Following:


Most men aren't styling and shaping their brows to perfectly manicured arches, but the bushy unibrow has certainly become a thing of the past. Whether it is by waxing, laser, or a little bit of clipping, men are now sporting neatly trimmed - and completely separate - eyebrows.

Pubic Area

Nowadays, the trend of pubic hair removal for men is increasing at a great pace. Many of our male clients visit us for availing the treatment sue to hygienic, sexual, medical and various other reasons.


Scientists have proven that your ear size increases with age and apparently so does the amount of ear hair. And, no, you do not have to be a senior citizen to begin noticing this fact. So, remove those long wild strands poking from the top of your ears and lobes, because smooth ears are definitely in style.


Fuzzy hair popping above the back of your collar and travelling around your neck can ruin even the best of haircuts. Many men are discovering the advantages of various hair removal methods in providing a neat and "put-together" appearance.

Chest and Stomach

While some men - or their partners - like a smooth, hairless chest, there are others who continue to associate chest hair with masculinity. But, even though a little hair may still be fashionable, thick and out-of-control is no longer vogue. In this case, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. So, if you can be compared to a gorilla, you may want to consider a little trimming or thinning.

Ideas about body hair removal for men are changing. With a neater, cleaner, well-groomed look becoming fashionable, more and more men are considering their options and discovering that laser is the best and most effective hair removal treatment.

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