What to Expect to Pay for Laser Treatments at CoLaz

There is no doubt that laser is one of the most effective, long-lasting, and cost-friendly hair removal treatments. Our clients agree that the results are definitely worth the investment.

But the price tag attached to smooth, silky skin can vary, and it is helpful to know what our therapist will be looking at when determining the cost of your package.

It is important to mention that unlike other clinics, we do not charge a flat fee for particular services.

For example, some salons may give everyone the same quote of £180 for a bikini line laser treatment, regardless of individual needs. The thing is, if you require fewer sessions, you may end up paying more than necessary.

Everyone is unique, and a good clinic will take the time to discover exactly what you're looking for to customize a package based on YOU!

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

Most treatments require 3-6 sessions, so the following is a list of typical services with the average laser hair removal cost for a single
treatment, followed by the expected price for a 6-session package.

Body Parts Single Session Six Session Package
Upper Lip £30-50 £120-200
Chin £35-50 £140-250
Full Face (woman) £103-125 £400-500
Full Beard £85-120 £500-700
Under Arms £45-80 £250-320
Bikini Line £50-70 £200-400
Legs £250-300 £750-1000
Body Parts Single Session Six Session Package
Arms £120-200 £480-700
Shoulders £85-125 £400-500
Chest £85-100 £500-750
Neck £90-120 £350-500
Full Back £170-200 £750-1,200
Abdomen £85-120 £500-600
Hands or Feet £40-80 £200-450

Factors on which Cost of Laser Hair Removal Depends

Many of our clients often come up to us with similar questions on cost of laser hair removal treatment. The price of the packages depends on several factors, some of which are enlisted below:

Which Area of the Body We Are Treating: for example, it will be more expensive to remove the hair from your legs than your upper lips or hands.

Amount of Hair Growth in The Area: a large amount of hair may require longer sessions or a greater number of treatments.

Thickness or Coarseness Of Hair: coarse hair on particular areas, especially the face, may take more treatments to achieve results.

Skin Type and Skin Color: certain skin types and colors react differently or require more treatments than others do.

Number of Sessions Required: the number of sessions may vary depending on your body, your goals, and the results of each session.

Payment Package You Choose or Special Offers: check our monthly specials and note that we offer a £25 hair removal voucher for new subscribers to our email newsletter. Plus brides enjoy a discounted package of laser hair removal, inch loss, and microdermabrasion treatments at £2000 Off! 

If you are shopping other clinics, remember, while price is important you want to be careful that you don't sacrifice quality for economy. Sometimes, cheaper is not always better. At Colaz, we will:

  • Offer a free, no obligation consultation before giving you an actual cost.
  • Do a patch test to see how your skin will react to treatment. This is important when determining the number of sessions you will require. Though there is usually a small fee for this, typically around £20, we offer it to you at no charge.
  • Design a package that caters to your needs, skin type, hair growth patterns, and goals. In other words, we will treat you as an individual, not a "flat rate" client.

As you can see, the laser hair removal cost can vary depending on a number of factors. Why not check your price ideas. Get a free INSTANT customize price quotation.

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