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Excessive unwanted hair has been a difficulty especially for men not only because of its unappealing view and unpleasant feeling but also because of some health problems that is associated with it. Aside from itching and skin irritation, another matter of having excessive hair on the back is body odor. Hair follicles may also become infected. The condition can worsen by exercising, hot weather or any activities associated with sweating. Waxing and shaving is not effective when it comes to removing hair on the back. It can be a challenge for some, but laser hair removal for back "fur" is an effective solution.

Old school methods such as shaving, waxing and using depilatory creams have limitations. The back is very hard to reach and therefore the help of an assistant is always necessary. Between these old school methods of back hair removal, none is giving a permanent result. In addition, waxing the back often times can irritate the skin and can cause pigmentation not to mention that it hurts a lot!

The Benefits of Using Laser for Back Hair Removal

Laser has helped many men get over the embarrassment of a hairy back. In fact, the back is one of the most popular areas our clients choose to have treated when they visit my salon.

You've probably seen in the movies where the women gets scared as the guy at the beach removes his shirt and reveals his hairy back, right? Don't let that be you.

Unwanted back hair is not only a cosmetic issue, it can also cause infections and irritations of your skin. Laser hair removal for the back can eliminate all of these problems.

If you have too much or very thick hair on your back, you know how difficult it is to shave or wax this area of your body, not to mention painful! That's why you should consider undergoing this simple procedure.

Laser treatments will reduce hair by 85%; some clients will notice slightly more or less depending on their hair and skin type.

It's a very effective long-term solution. Although it will not eliminate 100% of the hair on your back, the hairs that do re-grow after your treatments will be lighter and sparser.

Most of our clients find this method of hair removal to be virtually pain-free. However, given the large surface area to cover, you may experience slight discomfort.

The number of treatments and the type of laser used are determined by the colour and type of your skin and hair. We find that most people require 6 to 12 laser removalsessions for back treatment to see positive results.

You may also need to have some additional treatments later on to keep your back hair-free.

Why Should CoLaz Be Your First Choice for Back Hair Removal?

CoLaz is UK’s number one clinic where you can avail the most effective and affordable hair removal treatments. Their back hair reduction service is believed to be the best due to the following reasons. Also, here are a few things that you should know about the procedure:

  • The method is an FDA-approved and is proven safe for permanently removing unwanted and excessive hair.
  • One session can cover the whole back and in about four to six sessions, permanent hair reduction can be achieved.
  • Even those who have thicker hair can achieve reduction in hair density. The use of this treatment on the back is a real progress in excessive hair growth for both men and women.
  • The laser hair removal method for the back is not totally pain-free however, it really depends on the level of pain tolerance an individual has. Some may feel a bit, others may not feel anything at all but it is always recommended to apply a sufficient amount of numbing cream to be sure.
  • Laser hair removal involves more session time than smaller areas. The cost is a bit higher than treatments on smaller areas such as chin face or underarms but it's worth it.

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