Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal Articles

Laser hair removal articles ranging from how it works to who can benefit from it.

Sept, 2014

Laser Hair Removal Vs. IPL

IPL and laser hair removal are commonly confused because they are both similar but are very different at the same time.

July, 2014

5 Widespread Laser Hair Removal Myths

There are some widespread laser hair removal myths and which could simply influence your views but it's time for learn real facts.

June, 2014

10 Facts You Need To Know Before Doing Laser Hair Removal

If you are thinking to do laser treatment you should learn 10 facts you need to know before doing laser hair removal.

April, 2014

Thinking to Do Laser Hair Removal? Is Laser Hair removal Safe?

Are you thinking to do laser hair removal? But not sure is laser hair removal safe? Read this article hope this will reinstate your confidence about laser hair removal.

How to Prepare for Laser Hair Removal Session

Are you going to do laser treatment? Learn how to prepare for laser hair removal session.

March, 2014

PCOS Success Stories - Laser Facial Hair Removal

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a common hormonal imbalance amongst females. Asha opened up about her hair removal experiences

January, 2014

Does laser hair removal work?

According to studies, laser hair removal has been an absolute hit to the cosmetic industry when it comes to getting rid of unwanted hair.

Laser or IPL Hair Removal, Which Is Better?
First of all, what is IPL or IPL hair removal? IPL means Intense Pulsed Light and IPL hair removal is a process or a method of removing unwanted hair.

December, 2013

The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal on Your Back
Excessive unwanted hair has been a difficulty especially for men not only because of its unappealing view and unpleasant feeling but also because of some health problems

Laser Hair Removal For The Bikini Line
We often use laser hair removal to remove unwanted hair on the face, legs, chest, arms and others other areas of our body, but have you thought of using laser hair removal for the bikini line?

October, 2013

Laser Hair Removal Burns
We all know that laser hair removal treatment gives us an extravagant result when it comes to removing unwanted hair. This type of treatment is one of the most demanding processes all over the world.

Laser Hair Removal is Safe - A Burn Should Not be Your Option
Laser hair removal delivers and promises an effective way to permanently get rid of unwanted – excessive hairs in your body.

August, 2013

Laser Hair Removal For The Face; The Real Deal
The most annoying unwanted hair of all is the facial hairs due to the fact that we cannot hide it under clothing if we have to unless you want to cover up your full face with a scarf.

Why Laser Hair Removal Home Kits are just No Good!
Laser hair removal has rapidly increased in popularity, to become the world’s second most popular cosmetic procedure.

June, 2013

Some Hints And Tips About Laser Hair Removal Process
If you are interested in getting a laser hair removal treatment, it is very important to learn its process and how it works.

Men's Fashion For Male Hair Removal
Have you been shaving or tweezing all your life and now you’re getting bored and tired of it?

March, 2013

Men Body Hair Removal
Like women, men too have their own rituals every day. Removing their mustache to look good is a very common practice for them.

Why Have Laser Pubic Hair Removal?
These days, there are many reasons why people – both men and women – remove their pubic hair.

February, 2013

Possible Risks Of Laser Hair Removal
Laser hair removal is very popular nowadays to get rid of unwanted hair. We all know that Laser hair removal is one of the most effective procedures for hair removal. But laser hair removal is not exempted from any risks

December, 2012

Laser Hair Removal Pregnancy Concerns
Should You Have Laser Treatments Done When You're Pregnant?

Although this method is very safe, there are a few laser hair removal pregnancy concerns that you should consider if you are pregnant, trying to become pregnant, or if you are breastfeeding your baby.

Trends in Body Hair Removal for Men
Recent years have seen new trends developing in body hair removal for men. According to studies, at least 50% of men under the age of 50 use some form of hair removal aside from normal facial shaving. In fact, depending on who you ask, this figure has been shown to be as high as 90%.

September, 2012

Male Pubic Hair Removal Guide
From sideburns to smooth chests to male pubic hair removal, "manscaping" is emerging as a popular trend among men of all ages.

Vaginal Hair Removal

Although vaginal hair removal can be a very delicate topic, many women are looking for the best and most effective method of grooming this sensitive pubic area.

July, 2012

Laser Hair Removal At Home
Laser hair removal at home can be convenient and less costly, but does it work as well as professional treatments? There are several IPL (Intense Pulse Light) machines on the market today that promise to deliver amazing results.

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