Laser Body Hair Removal

by Stephen Tomaski
(Melbourne, Australia)

The embarrassment of Laser Body Hair Removal

I have a lot of body hair and growth rate is tremendous, verging obscene. I shave in the morning and by evening my face looks like I have not shaven at all.

All those who know me have gotten used to it but when it is time to meet a client, I have to keep an extra razor kept at the office. However this results me in taking 5 minutes extra in the washroom.

I found a flyer about “revolutionary” laser body hair removal treatment. The treatment was costly and so I did not consider it initially. But then as I spent time shaving 5 minutes before a client meeting, the idea began to manifest itself.

I could get rid of my hair completely!

I found the flyer and declared in the office that my “grizzly” days are gone. On knowing why, people tried to dissuade me. But adamantly, I contacted the treatment center.

There was a session before signing of the forms where I was daydreaming about a “shave less” life and agreed with whatever was said. I was excited and it became contagious.

The employees of the treatment center also became excited and asked me sign a few forms as “formality” and assured me that I was in capable hands.

I eagerly wanted to get on with the process and said yes to everything they told me. I could not wait to be the first one in the meetings!!

The treatment started and after the first session I wondered whether they would do something about my face. They were all about arms and legs!! I also found rashes and a small scar near my elbow.

I asked them about what was going on?

I was told that there is a risk of scarring and many other factors which they had described during the session before signing of the form.

Also, they did not do faces! They showed the forms I had signed too and I realized that during my day dreaming, I did not hear the most important things they had to say!!

I had told everyone in the office that my hair problem would go away.

A week (and $400) later, my boss asked why did I look as grizzly as earlier? I told him about what I had done.

He laughed and laughed, and the story soon circulated like wild fire.

I have been a butt of jokes since and I would always remember that laser body hair removal treatment to be the cause of one of the biggest embarrassing times in my life.

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