Itchy patch of red bumps that are tiny and sometimes bleed

by Stephanie

excema, psoriasis or dermatitis

excema, psoriasis or dermatitis

Hi there
Forearm. Appeared out of nowhere. Itches at times. Little bumps on skin. Doesn’t seem to spread, but I am developing a new patch on upper arm this is now 6 days old. It isn’t really improving, but doesn’t seem to be getting worse either.


Hi Stephanie

Thank You for your email with regards to your skin concern, having looked at the picture which you have sent over to us it seems as though you have some inflammation to the skin and if you are finding the specific area itchy it could potentially be excema, psoriasis or dermatitis which can cause the skin to become red, causes inflammation and itchiness and can sometimes be caused due to pressure on the skin.

It could also be just a mild rash which could have appeared on the surface from many different reasons for example - change of washing up fluid, change of moisturizing products, soaps etc. My best suggestion for yourself would be to attend a GP appointment and show them your skin concern as they would be able to assess the skin concern and may need to give you some medication to help calm the inflamed area down.

If after your GP visit you are not satisfied with the condition of your skin and they do rule out any medical conditions, we can book you in for a skin consultation with one of our fully trained and qualified skin specialists who can assess your skin and suggest best suitable treatment for yourself as here at CoLaz we offer a variety of different treatments to help different skin concerns and tailor packages together for each and every client individually to ensure you see the best possible results.

If you require any further assistance with regards to your skin please do not hesitate to contact us either via email or directly on the branch telephone number provided below and we would be more than happy to help.

We look forward to hearing from yourself soon.

Many Thanks & Kindest Regards,
Colaz, Wembley Branch
Tel: 02089034763

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