Is Microdermabrasion really works?

by Shilpa

Hi Team,

As suggested by you guys,I undergone two sessions for microdermabrasion treatment.I have booked for the 6 sessions already. I was told that I will feel some change in my skin after the first session only.But even after two session I could not sense any change in my skin. I really doubt now if this treatment is fruitful or not.If its not its a complete wastage of time and money. Looking forward for your help and inputs.Regards,

Shilpa Jha


Hi Shilpa,

Thank you for contacting CoLaz at the Harrow clinic. In regards to Microdermbrasion treatments we always recommend a course of 6 - 12 plus maintenance.

The time intervals for the maintenance treatments depend on the skin condition and concerns the individual may have. Results for each client will vary as we are all very different. There are two types of Microdermabrasion systems on the market, one is crystal clear and the other is diamond peel. We at CoLaz use the Diamond peel as this treatment method is a lot safer and superficial on the skin.

In most cases it does take 2 sessions in order to see a result. These should be done every 2 - 4 weeks and should be maintained with aftercare which is compulsory in order to see the best results. At CoLaz they have a wide range of products suited for all skin types and conditions.

I must state it is extremely important to consider aftercare. You will not see results on treatment plans alone. The more you give in to your skin the greater result you could achieve. Successful results will all be based on the number of treatments you undergo, the right interval gap for each treatment, your skin regime on a daily basis both morning and night, the food you consume and your water intake.

We have had many satisfied clients who have seen great results from Microdermbrasion treatments so please do not feel as if it is a waste of your time. I recommend speaking to your therapist and getting a skin consultation done FREE of charge.

They can then prescribe you with the correct products to use as well as plan your treatments by keeping the gaps closer in between. You can also combine a number of treatments with Microdermbrasion for great results.

I hope this answers your concerns.

Kindest Regards


Harrow Clinic Manager

CoLaz Advanced Beauty Specialists

464 Alexandra Avenue,


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