Are there Any Side Effects?

I hear this a lot when people come in for consultations – and it’ such a vague question. What is “safe”? I’m going to cover a few related topics.

This should hopefully reinstate your confidence about laser hair removal.

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Are there Any Side Effects?

It is important that you let your therapists know everything about your medical history; so long as you are not taking any prescribed drugs listed on the clinics' blacklist, you should be fine. Also, let them know if you are diabetic.

Sometimes, the treated body area becomes red and may develop a heat rash post laser . This will subside within a few days. There is a chance that in some cases bruises or blisters may come up on the skin; in this case it means that you are not suited to laser hair removal.

Laser can make the skin more sensitive to sun damage. This causes a high risk of hyper or hypo pigmentation – this is where the skin can become darker or lose colour completely. So long as sun protection is applied, this can be controlled.

Can Laser Hair Removal Cause Skin Cancer?

It is a myth that Laser Hair removal causes skin cancer. As mentioned before there is a heightened risk of sun damage Therefore, you need to follow some guidelines such as re-applying a minimum of SPF 30 regularly when in direct sun exposure, visit your physician every week, stay away from direct sunlight and more. You should be fine if you follow them.

To get the best results, there are some medically graded lasers which have been tested on a number of different skin types. There has been no case where laser has caused skin cancer.

Does It Affect Fertility?

There has been no case reported where someone’s fertility has been affected by laser. The method is so marvellous that laser can be conducted all over the body. It does not penetrate deep enough to even touch your organs. We have many clients' male and female who come regularly for treatments in the Hollywood region. Also, I have seen some clients who have conceived whilst still attending regular laser sessions.

Would it Burn My Skin...??

So long as the correct settings have been used according to your skin type and hair type – laser should not cause any burns to the skin. Therapists conducting the laser should be fully trained so that they can avoid the risk of burning clients.

However, you need to be well-prepared before the treatment. Ensure that your skin is cleanbefore treatment, Don’t apply perfume or makeup as it can cause a reaction with the laser. All after care procedures must be followed; including avoiding contact with a swimming pool for 48 hours post-treatment as this can cause burns or other reactions.

Sun tanned or fake tanned skin will not be treated with a laser. This is because when skin is tanned it is slightly burnt. When applying more heat through a treatment procedure such as laser this will only burn the skin more and possibly cause scarring or discolouration.

Is it Safe to Apply it Near the Eyes?

Contact from any laser with the eyes may cause damage to your eyesight. Therefore, anyone in a room where laser is being conducted, must be wearing protective eyewear. While doing face laser, a distance will be kept from the laser and the eye parameter. You will be provided with eyewear specialised eye wear for this.

Is the Treatment Hygienic?

With all beauty procedures, therapists must ensure that they are cleaning the equipment regularly. If these standards are kept then the risk of spreading any disease or infections will reduce dramatically. Spot sizes which are used with a laser machine are often cleaned in barbicide, in order to completely disinfect them. Many therapists will wipe your skin down before starting treatments and some may also ensure that they are wearing plastic gloves throughout.

Safety Checklist for SAFE Laser treatment

Make sure you are attending a clinic that ticks the following boxes:

  • Laser is being conducted by fully trained therapists

  • Clean location

  • You are being advised about the aftercare procedure

  • A Patch test is offered before proceeding with treatment.

  • You are provided protective eye-wear/ goggles to wear during the treatment.

All your boxes ticked? There is a good chance that the procedure will be safe.

Overall, these laser machines have been medically graded and are used all over the world now. Laser is completely safe; so long as health and safety precautions are met.

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