IPL Laser Did Not Work ON ME

by ss


I had my upper lip IPL treatment done at Southall centre. Everyone is very friendly but when it came to my last session and I told them that this treatment has not worked for me, no wanted to hear that and asked me to book more session because I have fine hair.

When I came in for a patch test I was told I will see improvement "which didn't happen".
This was a total waste of money and time for me, very disappointed.

Reply Hi, We do not use an IPL machine, are you sure you have come through to the right clinic? We do not carry out IPL treatments in our Southall clinic and neither do we use it in any of our Affordable laser branches.

Do check where it is that you have been getting treatment from, if it is not with us then you should consult the clinic which you have been attending.

You state that all the staff at the clinic are friendly, yet on your last session you felt that the treatment had not been working because you have ‘fine hairs’. Finer hairs simply take alot longer to treat.

During all our consultations, our therapists do make it clear that if you have fine hairs then it will take a lot more then 6 or even 12 sessions to treat your hairs. You may also require maintenance treatments after the 12 sessions. Finer hairs are very difficult for all types of lasers to pick up.

Do bear in mind that there are many factors that can effect hair growth, sometimes it may be due to hormonal imbalances, stress or even medication you are taking. The thickness or fineness of your hair is not the only factor affecting your hair growth there are many more.

At the end of the day laser does not act as a miracle worker, it will give you a reduction but will not remove each and every single hair follicle. It is not going to act as a permanent solution to removing your hair growth, but it does give a good reduction of hair.

You state that you have been using IPL; maybe you should consider trying a different or stronger laser. My recommendation is that you return to the clinic that is treating you and allow them to speak to you. You most likely do need more treatments if it is fine hairs that you are trying to target.

They will probably be able to sort you out with a good price as most clinics do these days.

If you did your treatments at our Southall clinic then unfortunately I don’t know who you are as you have not left your name.

This is the best advice I can give you at the moment.
Thank you.

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