IPL Laser At Colaz Southall

by rami

Hi I am Rami and im 23 years old who has lots of hair all around my body and especially cheeks, so I discovered lasering, which essentially reduces the ingrown hairs.

In the past I have used IPL which was very painful and i need lots of treatment to see the different an unbearable experience,

“I have tried all of the temporary fixes, from waxing and threading to plucking and shaving, but the hair just comes back with a vengeance! I went to Colaz laser to ask if there was anything that could be done. The stuff who was there was so helpful, and she explained to me that laser hair removal is safe.

I also started to get tired of the itchy irritated feeling I would experience for several days after waxing or shaving. So when I had my first laser hair removal treatment I was very pleasantly surprised. I had some in-grown hair, which instantly reacted to the laser treatment and most these hair follicles fell out during the treatment or a day or so afterwards.

My skin also started to feel smoother after a few more treatments and I could see the hair getting less right after the first treatment.

However at Colaz the feeling is no where near as painful, instead it is very comfortable with less irritation caused so I am very pleased with the latest new technology of the Yag laser and now im doing all my body and i can see the different and i been with Colaz over a year now so im happy so far about the result.

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