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Indian Head Massage Therapy by CoLaz Offers Relaxation and Relief

The Indian head massage therapy was invented in India thousands of years ago. Its history is long and enduring.

It has remained one of the top methods of massage because of its effectiveness at relaxing anyone who receives it. At CoLaz Laser Hair Removal salons, our beauty therapists and estheticians will expertly administer the treatment so that you receive the best and most rejuvenating service possible.

The Indian Head Oil Massage Therapy Process

This brand of massage is a unique one. It is administered while you sit up, fully clothed. This means you can stop in at any time, even on a lunch break, to enjoy the mental and physical health benefits of massage.

This massage originated from the Ayurvedic tradition of medicine, which focuses on your head, jaw, and shoulder, and neck muscles. And, so, it is the history of Indian head massage that makes it so special.

Pressure points are activated to release stress and relax the strained muscles. Most people store too much pressure on their neck and shoulders from improper posture or difficult work environments.

Stress can then lead to more serious ailments from a weakened immune system. Massage cures this build-up and ensures you stay at your best health.

Indian head massage is unique and different from full body massage or aromatherapy massage because, of course, it focuses on the head. This leads to you enjoy benefits you can’t get from other massages.

Here are a few Indian Head Massage Benefits:

  • Improved circulation and respiratory function – relieves symptoms brought on by lack of energy or breathing troubles
  • Relief from sinusitis, tinnitus, and insomnia – solve pounding sinuses, ringing in the ears, and sleeplessness
  • Increased lymphatic drainage, immunity, and muscle tone – neck and shoulder stimulation contributes to your overall healthfulness
  • Relief from jaw and cranial tension that often results in migraines, tooth aches and other serious jaw problems like TMJ (Temporomadibular Joint Disorders)

It works by engaging the seven different chakras in various locations of our bodies .No other massage provides the same multifaceted benefits as this, because no other method engages the areas of your head and neck while also stimulating your seven chakras at the same time.

CoLaz Lays Due Emphasis on the Chakras

The implementation of Indian head massage techniques is based on the seven chkras in the human body. These are located in a vertical line straight through the body. 

They are the:
1.Crown– represents the highest level: full spirituality
2.Third eye/ brow– lets you focus and see the big picture
3.Throat– where your ability to communicate comes from
4.Heart– of course is the area from which you love and achieve joy
5.Solar plexus– allows you to stay in control of your life
6.Sacral– enables your ability to connect with and accept others
7.Root– represents your foundation and helps you stay grounded

Each chakra serves a unique purpose in your life and wellbeing, so it’s important that energy flows through all of them efficiently. The Indian head massage chakras all contribute in different ways to your mental, spiritual, and physical health. When you are relaxed through a massage that concentrates on these, your chakras are aligned into their ideal healing positions.

Our trained therapists are well-versed with these concepts and techniques and that is why CoLaz is able to deliver an experience that is gratifying.

To find out more about this great massage service or to align your body and mind, contact CoLaz today. Contact with us for inquire about a consultation or schedule your own appointment.

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To find out more about this great massage service or to align your body and mind, contact CoLaz today. Contact with us for inquire about a consultation or schedule your own appointment.

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