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Indian Head Massage Chakras For Your Wellness

Colaz Indian Massage

The fundamental components of this type of massage are the Indian head massage chakras. The chakras are the seven areas of the human body that align and center so that energy can flow through. 

Indian head massage therapy has been used for centuries because of its properties that effectively rid the body and mind of many different negative effects. 

Expert Indian head massage ensures your utmost health, wellness, and relaxation.

Indian Head Massage Benefits

Indian Head Massage Benefits

You might have already learned about the plentiful benefits that come with an Indian head massage. Come into CoLaz for your own session and you can sit up and remain fully clothed for an effective mid-day break or end of the day release. 

In addition to the physical enjoyment you will get from the massage, the chakras will also positively react. The chakras are responsible for all of the effects the massage has on your body and mind, including:

  • Improved circulation and respiratory function – relief of breathing and blood flow problems
  • Relief from sinusitis, tinnitus, and insomnia – solve a stuffy head, ringing in the ears, and sleeplessness 
  • Increased lymphatic drainage and illness immunity – stay well by flushing the toxins and stress out
  • Relief from jaw and cranial tension – no more migraines, tooth aches, or other jaw conditions

What Are The Chakras And Where Are Mine?

The seven chakras are located in a vertical line straight through the body. They are the:

  • Crown
  • Brow or third eye
  • Throat
  • Heart.
  • Solar plexus
  • Sacral
  • Root

Each chakra serves a unique purpose in your life and wellbeing, so it’s important that energy flows through all of them efficiently. 

When you are relaxed through an Indian head massage, your chakras are aligned into their ideal healing positions. 

The Indian head massage chakras all contribute in different ways to your mental, spiritual, and physical health.

  • The root – represents your foundation and helps you stay grounded
  • The sacral – enables your ability to connect with and accept others
  • The solar plexus – allows you to stay in control of your life
  • The heart – of course is the area from which you love and achieve joy
  • Throat – where your ability to communicate comes from
  • Third eye/ brow – lets you focus and see the big picture
  • Crown – represents the highest level: full spirituality

Now that you know a little more about how vital the Indian head massage chakras are to your overall health and wellbeing, feel free to contact CoLaz today for more information about aligning yours. Click here to contact us for a consultation or appointment.

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