if i remove my necks hair by laser does it start growing up again?

by jegir aziz
(birmingham )

Hi there,

If i remove my necks hair by laser does it start growing up again?

Reply Hi Jegir,

If you remove your neck hairs by laser, it will grow again, yes. It takes between 6 to 12 sessions to see a reduction and it depends if you're male or female.

What laser does, it's a reduction of hair growth and it's not 100% permanent clearance. So if you've got very thick, coarse hairs on your neck area, and you don't suffer any hormonal imbalances and you have laser done probably within about 3 to 4 sessions you will notice it will reduce.

But if you do suffer from any hormonal imbalances then your hairs will take longer to treat and you may need more top-ups in order to keep the hair growth at bay.

If you've never had laser done and your concern is, if I have laser done say, today and will the hair grow back tomorrow? The answer is yes, because prior to laser the hairs are shaved or trimmed back short and we are not pulling the hairs out.

Always remember laser does not pull the hairs out. You'll trim the hairs prior to the treatment, we'll do the laser on the actual area and in about 5 to 10 days your hairs should start to shed, if in the correct phase for the treatment they will start to shed and then you will have another treatment again 4 weeks later.

So that's how laser works, so if you are having laser treatment you will notice that the hair will grow back the next day because all you've done is trimmed it back down. But within about 2 to 3 weeks it starts to settle down, so you won't have as much growth as what you had prior, but if your hair is very fine, fluffy around the neck area and you're thinking of having laser done, and it's very fine, baby fluffy hair, then to be honest it will not work.

Laser does not work on fine hairs. If your hairs are very thick and coarse you'll see very good results.

Now if you're a male client you will need more treatments due to the male hormones promoting hair growth around the beard area. Again, the best thing is to come in for a consultation where the therapist can have a look and assess your skin and your hair type.

I hope that helps

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