I used to have mild acne but then a few months after I started birth control

by Savanna
(Germany )

Mild Acne after birth

Mild Acne after birth

Mild Acne after birth Acne on forehead after birth control acne on forehead and cheeks after birth control

Hi there

I used to have mild acne but then a few months after I started birth control, it went away completely. I was off birth control for one month but have now been back on for one month and my acne hasn't gone away. I just started a new job and it's really stressful. I do wear face makeup for the 7 hours I'm there. I also have had very dry skin, which makes trying to deal with the acne even worse. My cheeks are fine, its my t-zone that's all messed up. These pictures are after exfoliating and moisturizing. What are your recommendations please? I honestly feel so self conscious, I want to get my skin right asap.


Hi Savanna

Thank you for contacting Colaz Harrow. Our team is more than happy to assist with any questions that you may have.

Acne is a common skin condition that occurs when the skin pores get clogged with oil and dead cells. Acne may occur primarily due to hormonal changes in the body but there are some more reasons why the forehead is susceptible to acne. Sometimes acne on the forehead can get worse due to certain make up or hair product that may not suit the skin. Chemicals in certain shampoos, sprays or gels may stimulate your skin and hair and irritate the sensitive skin to blocked pores and flare up as a reaction.

In order to reduced acne, we can do number of treatments such as a deep cleanse facials. Which are customised based of pigmentation, acne, sensitivity, dry or oily skin. We recommend these treatments every 4-6 weeks apart. The 60 minutes facial includes: double cleansing, toning, exfoliating, steaming, extracting, massage and mask according to your skin type. This treatment combined with LED therapy for acne & skin Rejuvenation.

LED technology delivering a constant stream of rejuvenating light. The system has the power and flexibility to reduce the signs of acne, ageing and improving the texture of the skin. Offering three different light setting i.e. Red, blue and a combination of red and blue the LED machine can be personalised by the therapist to suit each client’s skin type and condition. Each light colour has different properties and therefore has different effects on the skin. LED treatment is 20 minutes session we recommend clients to come 2-3 times in a week.

I would also like to advise you to come in for a FREE skin consultation with one of our experienced therapists so we can assess your skin and guide you on our treatments.

We are more than happy to help and guide you on the right steps to take, so please do not hesitate to contact Colaz if you require any further information.

Kind regards,
Lalita Branch Manger
CoLaz Harrow

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