I have lots of small dot like pores all over my cheeks along with red veins but my skin is perfectly soft and moisturised!?

by Joanne Bawden

Hi I'm Jo, I've just turned 41 and I'm getting so confused & upset with how over the last 6mths or so
My skin has changed and now I'm seeing lots of red veins appearing on my cheeks but also these small like dots that are becoming more apparent when I wear Make up especially....they look like pores but I have really good skin which I have always cleansed and moisturised.

My skin is incredibly soft however I do suffer with dry skin all over my body and have suffered with excema and still do occasionally...my biggest gripe which get me down and bothers me greatly is my eyes...their so dry underneath and appear quite wrinkly although only have a few small laughter lines but I'm so conscious of them and they make me feel so old.

I've bought so many different eye creams over the last 2 years that have all promised miracles and alas they haven't worked and I'm not in a position to spend lots but I'm so desperate to get myself at least looking better.

I am pretty poorly and suffer with a long term illness that leaves me pretty exhausted most of the time and I live with chronic pain and of course take a huge amount of meds every day. My diet isn't great as I don't have an appetite most of the time and I've lost lots of weight so have become paranoid as don't want to put the weight back on!

I am a single mum to my now two teenagers and have 3 small dogs so keep myself pretty busy lol but my days of being able to run around exercise etc are over as my condition has meant I need crutches to go out an about and can't walk too far without being in alot of pain.

I could cry I feel so 'ugly! And today is one of those days where I have really sore lips again and my eyes are dry and even with a bit of cc cream on I feel worse with it on as nothing seems to look nice on me...I have so many good new items of make up to try but I end up hating them as their enfisizing every flaw that I have!

Please can you help or advise me as I'm feeling pretty lost!


Hi Jo

I have looked at your pictures and assure you we have the right products and treatment for your skin. As we age our skin becomes dry for everyone its the same, due to factors such as environmental damage, stress, illness.

Here at coLaz we have a range of products which all have anti aging ingredients in them. For yourself I would recommend essential lipids which is especially good for dry cracked skin, also it reduces redness, also recommend healing masque. We welcome you to come for a free skin consultation, as you can pick a up a free product/treatment brochure.

The treatment I would recommend is dermapen which benefits all the skin factors you are experiencing at the moment, such as fine lines, reduces scaring, reduces wrinkles, improves tone and texture, and last but not least firms the skin. as for the for the red veins and red spots it looks like mild rosacea, which is also treatable with dermapen treatment.

I do hope I have covered all your concerns, if I have missed anything please feel free to ask anything. We are open seven days a week please. Thanks for your enquiry.

Kind Regards

Kam Kaur
Derby Branch Manager

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