I have dry flaky skin in my eyebrows and around my nose. What is it?

by kortnee
(new Zealand )

Hi CoLaz

Can you help with my dry flaky skin under my eye brows and nose?

The skin underneath my eyebrows, in my eyelashes and around my nose gets very very flaky and dry. But the rest of my face is oily so even if I moisturize these areas it feels as though my skin can't breath and it doesn't help, I just end up breaking out.


Thank you for contacting CoLaz Reading.

Without looking at any images it appears you have combination skin and I would recommend regular facials to hydrate your skin and gradually make your skin same texture.

Facials cleanse out your skin which includes removing dirt cells, blackheads and spots, face is left glowing and bright. Cleansing your skin regularly can maintain a healthy glow, also keeping your skin fresh and soft throughout your years. Afterwards you can add LED light therapy. LED Light Therapy is a certified treatment for many dermatological conditions. It's painless and can be used on all skin types.

Our equipment has particular wavelengths of light proven to have beneficial bio-stimulation effects on the skin. Since the treatment is non-surgical, there is no recovery or side effects. And our clients find the therapy very relaxing.

CoLaz offers to solve your dermatological troubles with this services at prices that are most affordable.

My best recommendation for you in this case is to book yourself in for a free skin consultation with the specialist, this would be our best step in order to understand your concerns.

CoLaz Reading
Manager Shadi

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