I couldn't be happier - amazing results in laser hair removal, amazing service and an amazing team!

by Priya

I have been a regular Colaz client for 2 years now and have been so happy with every aspect of my treatment. As a PCOS sufferer and being of Asian origin, I am quite hairy and have been suffering all my life with low self-esteem.

I used to shave and wax all the time, developing ingrown hairs and scars all over my body as a result. This worsened my confidence even more - no products on the market worked to solve this problem and I had completely run out of ideas as to what to do!

I have now had my legs, bikini, upper lip, chin and underarms lasered, and I cannot stress how worthwhile it has been to have the treatment.

Although laser is considered more expensive than other hair removal methods I can genuinely say that it has been such a worthwhile investment - in the long-term it works out more cost-effective than all other hair removal methods and now my scars and ingrown hairs are all going as I am not putting my skin under so much trauma from all that waxing! Recently I have also been using the vibroplate machines, and it's really helped to tone my muscles up ready for a beach holiday!

The team at Colaz Hounslow are so so friendly - the clinic is pleasant and spacious and the reception team are always lovely to chat with! Chernice, Shaadi, Shivani and Sabrina are always especially helpful!

I know this sounds so cheesy and cliched but genuinely, laser hair removal has changed me as a person for the better, and I wouldn't go to any other laser clinic around - the value for money, service and results are unparalleled!

Thank you Colaz! For all people with PCOS - laser is the way forward!

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