How to Remove Dark Circles From Below Your Eyes

One thing which you must consider before seeking out treatments for removal of dark circles under the eye is its cause. Many people, particularly Asians have hereditary dark circles under the eye; it is passed down through their family. 

When attempting to start treatments to help brighten up the eye area, reduce puffiness and lighten down dark circles you do have to be patient with your results. It can take up to 3 months to start seeing the response from eye products, so you need to stick to your routine.

Here are a few habits you can change and a few things you can test out

Sleep More

Yes, with busy lifestyles of today it is often hard to have 7 or 8 hours of sleep. We wake up to our 7am work alarms, return home only to go party in the evenings until 3am. This is of course not an average persons’ daily schedule yet it really will make a difference.  Those puffy, red eyes which have huge dark circles beneath them are crying out to you that they needed more sleep. Try sticking to a regular bed time and you shall see why it is often referred to as "beauty sleep". 

Drink More Water

Plenty of water will help keep your face looking hydrated and will help your body to provide water to your vital organs. Water is made up of Hydrogen and Oxygen; your eyes can become darker because of a lack of oxygen. Water may be your secret formula. Drinking cup after cup of water is an extreme measure to take. What is best recommended is that you drink around 1 liter of water, and you can meet the daily recommendation by sourcing more water through foods. Fruits and vegetables contain plenty of water so it is a great trick to try out. 

Try Tricks like Applying Cocoa Beans On To The Area

It is a food which contains one of the highest concentrations of anti-oxidants. This thus means that putting freshly crushed cocoa under the eye will help your skin to absorb through the oxygen it is lacking. Say goodbye to the dark grey colour and watch your natural skin tone soak back through. 

Application of Sweet Almond Oil Under The Eye

This is not to be used if you are pregnant or suffer from a nut allergy. However for everyone else give it a try. It is a trick which has been passed down over many years and could actually put you out of your misery. Perhaps try mixing it up with cocoa beans to see if you can optimise your result.

DCX Under Eye Serum

This is one of Colaz’s favourite products. It can help to reduce puffiness and can leave your skin feeler smooth and firmer. Use twice daily in order to see the best result. We have so many clients bagging this product, it targets the area with seaweed extract this helps to tighten up and firm the skin. It can lock in moisture from the air and after continuous use you can start to see a huge impact. Save yourself from producing messy food formulas and let a strong professional product solve your problems. Available from all Colaz salons it is priced at just £20.82

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