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How to Prepare for Laser Hair Removal Session

Looking forward to your first laser hair removal session? Had laser hair removal before but you’re going back to it after a long break. Not sure how to prepare yourself? Well, have a read through the following tips:

Perfect Shaving

Firstly with majority of lasers you are expected to shave the area one night before the treatment. Left it a little late and your appointments in 1 hour – well there’s no reason why you can’t shave just before.  However, I recommend you do your shaving one day prior, because shaving can often leave the skin red and irritated. Applying a heat treatment such as laser on the area may be very uncomfortable. Leaving that overnight break can help your skin to recover.

Cleanse Your Body

If you don’t find it embarrassing enough having to be exposed to your therapist; how awkward would it be if you come in with a bad smell? Keep up the hygiene. But do not moisturise or apply any products to the area afterwards. Yes no perfume either! Your shower gel should be enough to leave you with a nice fresh smell. 

Exercise Regularly

Do you go to the gym regularly? Or perhaps you like to swim? These activities need to be done before your scheduled laser hair removal treatment. Because afterwards you will be required to leave around a 24 -48 hours gap until you can next visit your leisure centre. Doing vigorous activity at the gym is likely to make you sweat - and sweating can cause your skin to heat up, this can cause the skin to become inflamed or arise in a heat rash. Chlorine is a chemical substance found within swimming pools – all chemicals are likely to react with the skin after treatment.

Outbreaks and Rashes

Do you suffer from outbreaks and rashes after waxing or during other treatments on the skin? There is a good chance that laser hair removal can trigger the same reaction. Take an anti-histamine 1-2 hours before your treatment to reduce the chances of a skin reaction.

Are You Nervous About The Pain?

Most clinics will say do not take any pain killers before treatment. It is important that they know if your skin is able to tolerate the heat, this is without any medication giving you a false response. This can help avoid any skin burns. You should also avoid using numbing creams – some people have allergies to these. Once again it makes it difficult for the therapist to assess your skins’ reactions.

Had any other cosmetic procedures recently? Make sure you leave a 2 week gap in-between laser hair removal sessions and chemical peels or microdermabrasion. Any other treatments just call up your therapist and make an enquiry first.  

Taking any prescribed medication? Let your therapist know. Some medications can react with laser – so it is important that you inform your therapist about this.

Doing Laser on your face? All the same rules above still apply – but also note that no make-up can be applied to the treated area for 24 hours! Your skin can become sensitive after treatment you need to avoid triggering any breakouts. 

Worried about shaving your face? Check out these great shaving tips:

  • Swap your regular shaving gel for a hair conditioner and use this on the face instead. – This will help soften the hairs.
  • Use upward strokes with your razor. 
  • Don’t go over the same area more than once.  This can help to avoid those nasty cuts, any missed patches your therapist can cover when you go in for treatment.

Ready, steady, you’re all ready to GO!

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