How often would you need to get the laser hair removal?

by K.

Following a treatment, how often would you need to get the laser hair removal treatments?

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This all depends on you hair growth cycle and how many treatments you've had. If you're new to laser you need to get them done every four to six weeks, and if you are just on maintenance treatments it could be anything from three months to one year, so it depends on how many sessions you've had, and it depends on your hair growth cycle as well.

And if you've got any hormone imbalances, or any issues that actually promote hair growth, in that case you will require more treatments. It also depends if you're a female or male client. We do find that male clients do require more sessions than females, and it depends what area you're going to be getting treated.

If anyone is trying to treat the face area you do need to have regular treatments on the face every four to six weeks to start off and if you completed a course of twelve sessions you need to have maintenance treatments every two to three months and that is simply because the facial area is more hormonal and hence you'll have more hair growth coming back.

What we find is with the legs and underarms and bikini area, clients see a lot quicker results. Now if you're treating fine hairs it tends to take a lot longer as well to treat.

So if you could get back to me and just give me a bit more detail about if you've ever had laser done, what area you're interested in getting done, if you're a male or a female so I'll be able to actually answer that question a bit better for you.

I hope that helps

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