How Long Should You Wait To Shave After Laser Hair Removals

by Emma

How long after laser treatment must you wait before you shave


After Laser, you should wait ideally 10 days until you can shave. This is the average time frame we recommend to all of our clients. The reason to this is because when undergoing laser hair removal treatments, your hair's will start to Spurs out within the next 5-14 days for the shedding phase to occur.

With many individuals, they do not always see shedding naturally which is due to many reasons such as the hair growth, the stage of which the hair growth is in and any previous hair removal methods used.

Shaving after an average of 10 days will help boost the shedding phase allowing the new growth to come through. This will be patchy and fine hairs. You are recommended not to shave before this time frame as all of your hairs will not have come through.

Therefore for best results shave around the 10th day. The minimum time frame if you have to shave for an occasion should be 7 days and the maximum should be 14 days.

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Shave or not before face IPL/Laser hair removal?

by Konstantina

Hello, I am a woman 28 years and I have done Alexandrite Gentle laser in my chin bones in Greece, without need to shave my face. Now that I move to Amsterdam and I want to do the same all the clinics said that I should shave before. Really?

That will be worse, right? Also the hair should be 2-3 mm, so if I shave they will not be able to see where the hair is!Trimming or cutting my hair with a small scissors is ok? I am so confused and do not know what to do, please can you help me?
Thank yuu very much!!!


Hi Konstantina,

Different methods can be advised according to the Laser you are using. Generally you would be advised to shave the area before any laser treatment is conducted in the area.

The reason why shaving is advised is because laser light beams can generate a lot of heat, this would cause the hair follicles to singe and burn. If your hairs do burn there is a risk that you will get small scars on the skin. It may also mean that your treatment will become more uncomfortable and less safe.

Laser technicians often advise that if you do not shave the area, then your results will not be as effective. This can be true in many cases, as shaving helps to remove dead hairs which have been treated from the skin. Unlike with some lasers, the hairs will not fall out on their own; so shaving can encourage an alternate fall out process. Regular shaving and exfoliation helps to reduce the risk of ingrown hairs too.

I understand that you are concerned with the risk of the hair growth becoming worse. It is a myth that shaving causes excess and thicker hair growth. Shaving is actually just a method of cutting a hair follicle but close to the skin. Due to the fact that the hair follicle is cut at an angle, it can appear more blunt than usual. The root of the hairs will remain the same density and will not be thicker.

Surplus to this you will be doing laser, which promises hairs to become finer after a number of sessions. So shaving will not be able to reverse this process. No studies to date have proved that shaving can stimulate or cause more growth to an area. You will also not need to worry about the green shadow that can be left behind from shaving. This should reduce due to laser helping to thin out the hair growth.

You have asked whether you can trim the hairs or cut them with a scissor instead. There is no reason why you cannot do this. Some clients find that shaving can irritate the skin. If you choose to trim the area instead, similar to shaving you need to ensure that the trimming cuts the hair down as small as possible. 2 -3 mm is too long and you do not want these hairs to burn on top of the skin and leave any scarring.

Please note that as some females may find it a masculine activity to shave the face, there are some tips you can take up to make it a less harsh and irritating treatment. I wet the face, and then apply hair conditioner as opposed to shaving gels which can dry out the skin. On top the conditioner I gently go over it with a disposable razor. I would avoid going over the area more than once as this can cause a rash or make you more likely to get a cut.

Even though the area has been shaved your treatment will be just as effective. The therapist will need to see you with full growth when required, for example this could be before your course and perhaps after the first 6 sessions, but often they can see where the hairs are under the skin. So long as your hairs were dense and thick to start with continuing to treat these areas should not cause any issues.

Try out the shaving method and see how your results come along after 2 – 3 sessions. Hopefully you will get used to it.


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Can You Shave After Laser Hair Removal

I have had my first treatment done on my face, the hairs are slowly starting to grown back, the women at the salon said I must shave? is that true?

Answer Yes that is true.

The reason is because the hair needs to be intact to the hair follicle in order for the laser to work. If you thread, wax or tweeze then the laser will not work because you’ve pulled out the hair from the hair follicle.


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Should You or Should You Not Shave After Your Laser Session?


I was wondering after having laser hair removal done at your clinic on my face, would it make a difference if I shaved instead of having to wait for the hairs to fall out as it looks quite bad on the face.

If I shaved would this make a difference to the treatment outcome i.e. Affect or lessen the results i would get?

What would you advise? any advice greatly appreciated.

Thank You.

Answer If you don't want to wait for the hairs to shed and fall out then you can shave in between sessions.

This will not affect your laser results. Do not however, thread, wax or tweeze as this procedure removes the hair from the root.

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