Can pregnant women have it done?

I am 3 months pregnant and I want laser hair removal treatment. Can I get it done?

Answer: You will find that no salon or clinic will treat women if they are pregnant.

To be truthful I’m not aware of any studies that have been found to show that it is unsafe to do while pregnant, but no studies have found that it is safe either.

I certainly will not perform laser on pregnant women until I receive firm medical evidence. Doctors certainly don’t recommend you do the procedure.

I would say Waxing will probably be the best option as it's not absorbed into the skin.

Creams may cause a bad reaction because your skin gets more sensitive when you’re pregnant. My advice will be to not have laser until after the birth of the baby.

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Laser hair removal and pregnancy

by Gray
(Tx, USA)

Take this scenario:
You have laser hair removal treatments. Everything worked perfectly. But later (even years later) you get pregnant.

I had heard that the extreme hormonal changes during pregnancy make laser hair removal ineffective.

So, if you get pregnant, do you no longer have clean legs? Does the hair start to grow again, even though the treatments were years earlier?

Reply This is quiet a difficult question to answer, majority of the women that fall pregnant after having laser treatment, are normally fine, the hormonal changes does not give you excessive hair growth on your body area.

We have clients that have had treatment previously (like three or four years before) and have not seen any extra hair growth since falling pregnant. But in some cases we have had women who developed facial hair after falling pregnant who had never seen hair in these areas before.

Once they have given birth and stopped breastfeeding they can return to get laser treatment done and this would calm the hair growth down.

Everyone is different, I have fallen pregnant three times myself and have had laser treatment prior to my pregnancy and have not noticed any extra or excessive hair growth on my body. Most the time women that have had laser hair removal; especially on the legs, underarms and bikini area, even if they fall pregnant they do not see any extra hair growth due to hormonal changes on those areas.

Obviously if your hormones do go really crazy during pregnancy then it is normally the facial area where they will notice a difference – some will notice it on their tummy, or back areas.

Everyone is different so it is very difficult to judge, the majority of women are fine and it is a handful of women who do get growth due to hormonal changes in pregnancy.

I hope that helps


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Hair Removal Gone Bad After Pregnancy

After the complete procedure, when one goes through pregnancy, does the change in hormonal level lead to bad hair growth?


If you fall pregnant after having Laser hair removal done, often you can notice that new hair growth is developing during your pregnancy this is due to the hormonal changes in the body.

Normally once you have given birth to the baby, stopped breast feeding and all your hormones are settled, the new hair growth will shed naturally.

So there should not be any extra hair growth, and as the hormones settle there will not be anything to promote more growth either. If you find that 6 months after finishing breast feeding, your hair growth is still a lot worse you should go for a blood test to check if your hormonal levels have calmed down.

As there is a possibility that even once you have given birth and stopped breast feeding, the hairs are not the same as they were prior, in this case you may just require one or two top-up sessions. It might just settle everything down again.

We have seen our clients fall pregnant during treatment and come back to it once they’ve stopped breast feeding they have actually seen really good results and no stimulated hair growth.

I hope that helps


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How Long Can I Have Laser Hair Removal After Giving Births

by Sarah


I'm 6 Months pregnant, I was looking into getting laser treatment before I fell pregnant. Of course I have to know put this on hold... But can you please give me a insight of how many months or hopefully even weeks you think I should wait till I start treatment.



Answer Whilst you are pregnant you are not allowed to undergo laser hair removal.

We normally advise clients to wait until they stopped breast feeding so their hormones can return back to normal.

However some clients will have excess hair growth which is very thick and they do choose to go for laser while breast feeding. Please note in these circumstances you will have to wait until you have had your first period.

While you are breast feeding the laser will control the hair growth.


Read more about laser hair removal pregnancy concerns

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