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by Yetti

I have had laser treatment on my chin and upper lip as I had suffered since my early teens from hirutism as I have PCOS. I am now 19, a student and don't work.

My mother paid for my course of treatment for 6 sessions of laser hair removal at a local clinic. My thick chin hair has reduced significantly but my lip will require further persistent treatment. I also have long thick hair along my jaw line and long brown fuzz on my cheeks and under jaw. These are my main problem as they are most exposed. I also suffer from really thick, dark and long hair around my belly button area.

I don't think I can afford to get professional treatment on the basic face area or continue with my package for more than the initial 6 treatments as its rather expensive right now. I was wondering if its possible to use home IPL on the laser treated areas after my 6 sessions are complete? and if a gap between treatments is required? I was looking at the homedics IPL with radio frequency at boots, do you have a recommendation?


Dear Yetti

Thank you for choosing Colaz.

One of the most visible effects of PCOS is excessive and unwanted body hair. Laser hair removal is one of the most effective ways to treat this side effect, so it is at least worth considering.

Laser hair removal treatments can often be confused with other technologies available in the market along with home IPL.

The difference is that along with laser hair removal uses specific light which is more efficient. In comparison to IPL most of the energy goes to neutralising the base hair follicles and less energy to diffuse the hair.

IPL uses a type of wavelength which only serves to heat up the skin and not have any effect on reducing the growth of hair. Therefore, IPL is cheaper than Laser hair removal treatments. This is one of the reasons why you have not seen the results as you had expected as you are using IPL. With Laser hair removal you will require at least 12 treatments (every 4 weeks to begin with) and thereafter top ups which will be determined within the course of your treatments.

Most of our PCOS clients find Laser hair removal has been more effective and flexible along with feeling more confident. As you suffer from PCOS you will be entitled to treatment discounts to make it more affordable. The confidence which you will gain from Laser hair removal with PCOS is more of a long term affair. Laser hair removal is far more long lasting which will make you feel that excess hair stops feeling like an ongoing treatment.

Our experienced therapists can determine how many sessions you will require.

When are you available to pop in for a free consultation and patch test? This will take no longer then 20-30 minutes.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind Regards


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