Hairy Lower Back "Boys tell stories..."


Probably we've all been there. Ski resort,winter holiday, away from home, having a few drinks in a bar, meeting cute boy and deciding to go home with him.

Everything sounds fine, right? But the ugly truth is embarrassing!

As an Eastern European girl I am a lot hairier than most of the women I know. 2 hours epilating session every week? Yeah, bring it on.

But it was that time of the year when my lower back hairs were not light and barely visible (like they are every summer because of the sun so I don't have to pull them out like everywhere else on my body) and of course, that time of the year when you don't expect to get sexy with someone. But it happened to me!

So we are in the living room, lights turned on! Everything is going great until we decide to switch positions and the worst to happen!

In the minute he was behind me, the whole blood from his instrument disappeared and I knew what was going on! It was over!

It was a nightmare!

I just wanted to hide somewhere and never show up again! Of course, he didn't say anything about it, made up a stupid lie how he left his friends in the bar and has to go and get them.

Pointless to tell, I never heard from him again.
Straight after my holiday I took my epilator and since then the 2 hour session turned into 2 and a half...

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