Hair Loss in Black Women

Did you know that alopecia, or hair loss, in black women is right up in the top 10 reasons why they see a dermatologist?  Indeed, many black women suffer from traction alopecia, female pattern baldness, and hair thinning. 

Traction Alopecia

Traction alopecia is hair loss around the hairline. It is the direct result of tight hairstyles, i.e. tight weaves, braids and ponytails. Yes, the traction from weaving can definitely cause hair loss. Even celebrities like Naomi Campbell may suffer from traction alopecia caused by traditional hairstyles.

However, the nice thing about traction alopecia is that it is easier to treat and the hair tends to come back quicker, so you'll see even better results with our hair restoration programs. 

Female Pattern Baldness

Another thing black women might suffer from is called female-pattern baldness. If you notice your hair thinning on the top of the head, you most likely have it. It's a hereditary condition, but it does not mean you cannot get your hair back. Pattern baldness is also treated quite successfully when addressed on time. 

Hair Relaxers Are a Major Cause of Hair Loss & Hair Thinning for Black Women

On average, African-Caribbean people spend more money on their hair. That's because of their heavy use of relaxers and products with relaxers in them. It is sad that all of this money used on hair styling often leads to hair loss. 

The problem is that the chemicals in the relaxers are very harsh on the hair. And, if you straighten your hair at home, the chemicals in the over-the-counter relaxers tend to be even harsher than the ones used in the salon. 

So any of these things can cause hair loss. In most cases seeing a dermatologist does not really bring the results women are looking for and the hair loss continues, even though it might slow down. That’s when we come to the rescue. 

Hair Loss in Black Women Does Not Have to be Permanent

So does your hair bother you every morning when you see it in the mirror?  Isn't it worth an investment in yourself to feel better about how you look? An unfortunate thing about hair loss is if you do not address the issue on time, it can be permanent.

Your hair loss and thinning hair will not get better and will continue if you don’t take measures right now. 

We use a multi-therapeutic approach to hair restoration using laser regrowth and various treatments and programs.

So if you are a black woman experiencing thinning hair or hair loss, you should start taking the necessary steps to restore your hair back to its strong and healthy state. A good start would be visiting our salon. 

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